Bizzoe releases new EP ‘Sun and Shade’

The hip hop artist Bizzoe has released his capital new EP record, titled “Sun and Shade,” to uniform praise and applause from every corner of the underground rap scene. Sporting the recently released hit single, “Summer Breeze,” “Sun and Shade” showcases the standout lyrical and performances of Bizzoe himself, and features the additional talents of Trizzy, Y T M, and Kirk Stillz. It has been hosted by DJ Jerry and DJ Arab World Empire Online. It is comprised of six original hip hop tracks for an approximate total playing time of just over 20 minutes.

“Sun and Shade” focuses on the rapping of its talented artists, backed with old-school beats that are flawlessly composed and which never overshadow the MCs on the mic. This rap music will snare the listener and remind fans of old what real rap music used to be, and what Bizzoe is making it again. Fans of artists such as the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, and Ice Cube will be thrilled to hear expert urban poetry spat at the speed of sound like it was in the days before the word ‘bling.’ With melodies and beats that best the most popular hip hop music on the radio today, Bizzoe and his crew of brilliant musicians are certain to make some very large waves for themselves with the release of the “Sun and Shade” EP.

Its title bespeaks the dualistic nature of life, itself, as described by Bizzoe himself on the album’s opening, introductory track. Like life, “Sun and Shade” has moments of warmth, light, and lightheartedness, but also treats serious aspects with appropriate gravity. The record has been dedicated by Bizzoe (for whom “Sun and Shade” is a seventh official release, no less) to friends he has lost of late, through which dedication the artist has managed to bring some positive sun to what is otherwise tragic shadow.

“Sun and Shade” by Bizzoe is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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