Hip hop artist Bizzoe releases ‘Summer Breeze’ single feat. Trizzy

The artist of hip hop music known as Bizzoe has released his new single, “Summer Breeze,” featuring the talents of Trizzy and Cool Kids Beats. The track has been met with broad critical, fan, and underground scene acclaim. This song is one of seven excellent tracks on Bizzoe’s “Sun and Shade” EP, which has been presented by DJ Jerry and DJ Arab World Empire Online. A smooth listen like a cool glass of water on a sweltering day, “Summer Breeze” makes an excellent flagship release to represent Bizzoe and the rest of his outstanding crew.

Bizzoe, who is known throughout the urban music genre for his old-school finesse and razor-sharp lyrics, has outdone himself with this particular cut. “Summer Breeze” is by all accounts a groovy, chill rap anthem the likes of which has not been heard since the glory days of Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur. “Summer Breeze” is aggressive in terms of poetic delivery, yet restrained and mellow in tone, style, and melody. Its beats are hammered out in the traditional method reminiscent of the old 808s and 909s. The end result of this combination is a fantastic track born of Bizzoe’s renowned class and good taste, as well as the honed skills of Trizzy, whose accompaniment makes “Summer Breeze” an instant classic that belongs on every summertime mixtape being compiled today.

A surprise hit from every angle, “Summer Breeze” is a return to the best qualities of hip hop. It exemplifies the original spirit and rhythm of former legends while moving forward with new nuances and cutting-edge recording, engineering, mixing and production. Like the rest of Bizzoe’s material, it is a track worth experiencing firsthand, and one which is sure to be remembered as the single that introduced this remarkable artist to a legion of previously uninitiated fans.

Bizzoe’s “Summer Breeze” feat. Trizzy and the rest of the “Sun and Shade” EP are both available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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