Clifton Poyotte releases new gospel LP ‘Blue Skies’

The singer and songwriter of gospel music known as Clifton Poyotte has released his latest LP record album, “Blue Skies.” The LP is composed of 14 new tracks for an approximate total listening time of one full hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without the support of the corporate music power structure. Upbeat, powerful, and full of the might of the holy spirit, “Blue Skies” by Clifton Poyotte is the latest evidence that the lasting strength of contemporary Christian music is still rooted in the Biblical tradition, itself.

Born and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, singer Clifton Poyotte cites as main artistic influences Donnie McClurkin, Alvin Slaughter, and Smokie Norful. While Poyotte has clearly been performing music for decades and has reached an expert level of skill, “Blue Skies” remains his most widely distributed official record to date and may be considered a debut LP on that score alone.

Clifton Poyotte’s “Blue Skies” album is a mix of songs from a wide variety of music styles, including (but not limited to) the adult contemporary, classic gospel, R ‘n’ B, pop, and even reggae genres, many of which are blended together on the LP for a new sound that is strictly Poyotte’s own. His natural singing voice is reminiscent of the best male gospel performers, a mix of raw, unadulterated talent and polished skill which has obviously taken shape over many performances.

The sheer quality of the record, not to be overlooked, is neither to be considered the album’s chief charm nor its primary aim, however. While the music of “Blue Skies” is clearly majestic and moving, its lyrics point to more celestial sources for their inspiration and remind the listener time and again that the music is intended as much to please heavenly ears as it is to uplift and encourage the earthbound.

Asked to comment on the theme of his record, Poyotte replies that “It does not matter how low you sink, the grace of God can lift you out to your highest potential. The sky is your limit.”

A heartfelt work of worship, praise, and personal devotion, “Blue Skies” is an album music lovers of all faiths can understand and appreciate.

“Blue Skies” by Clifton Poyotte is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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