Irish death metal band Sonus Mortis releases new LP ‘Hail the Tragedies of Man’

The symphonic death metal project known as Sonus Mortis has released a new full-length album, “Hail the Tragedies of Man.” It contains 11 original tracks for a total of one hour of explosive listening. The record has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Building, burning and cresting like a sonic tsunami of fire, “Hail the Tragedies of Man” by Sonus Mortis is easily one of the most evocative and arresting examples of symphonic death metal ever recorded.

The sole creative genius behind Sonus Mortis and “Hail the Tragedies of Man” is veteran multi-instrumentalist Kevin Byrne. Dublin, Ireland’s Byrne cites as main artistic influences Septicflesh, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ and My Dying Bride. He has described Sonus Mortis’ music as symphonic death metal with elements of black metal and doom metal.

“Hail the Tragedies of Man’ is the third full-length record from Sonus Mortis, which officially began in 2013. Although chiefly a studio project, Sonus Mortis has amassed a loyal following of over 10,000 online fans and counting. With the obvious power of “Hail the Tragedies…,” there seems little doubt that this number will grow exponentially.

Asked to comment on the themes of his new album, Byrne writes, “The financial and political landscape has led us to tempestuous and challenging times. We are witnessing the erosion of liberty through fear/paranoia with America melding into a fascist system of surveillance and intrusion. The Middle East is becoming more and more unstable, civil war and uprisings are savaging Yemen, Syria and many more areas. Religion still infects humanity’s roots, and Europe is at the edge of an existential crisis.”

Clearly the album is no sleeper, and music fans with a mind for social issues and pertinent philosophy will find plenty of both in “Hail the Tragedies of Main.”

“[My record] explores all these themes,” Byrne writes. “It’s tangled up with anger, sadness and despair. This is one man’s view of the world explored through dark, bleak symphonic death metal.”

Bleak though it may be, the sound is a visceral experience, swirling like smoke and rushing like wind, almost palpable as it comes at the listener. Audiophiles are challenged to hear any track from “Hail the Tragedies of Man” by Sonus Mortis and remain unaffected. It will seize you.

“Hail the Tragedies of Man” by Sonus Mortis is available online worldwide at over 700 quality digital music retailers now. Get in early, metal fans. Very early.

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Sonus Mortis releases new LP ‘War Prophecy’

The mastermind of melodic death metal internationally known as Sonus Mortis has released his latest LP record album, “War Prophecy.” The LP has been independently published without the managerial or financial support of the corporate music industry. Boasting 15 all-new, original tracks to slake the thirst of fans new and old, the collection offers approximately one full hour of the grittiest heavy metal the world has to offer. Brutal, richly imaginative and extremely well-orchestrated, “War Prophecy” from Sonus Mortis is an album no true death metal fan should go without.

Sonus Mortis cites as main artistic influences such titans of the scene as Dimmu Borgir, Fields of the Nephilim, Anathema, and Septic Flesh. A blend of these sounds forms the backbone of Sonus Mortis’ own style, overall. However, Sonus Mortis is more kaleidoscopic and narrative in terms of composition and anthemic soundscapes, to say nothing of the equally evocative lyrics on “War Prophecy.”

Speaking of the general theme and motif of the “War Prophecy” LP, Sonus Mortis writes, “The album takes influence from the many conflicts both past and present to tell a three-part story of how a war comes to pass, both the war itself and the aftermath. The ‘Death Prophet’ in the story symbolizes war itself and is mentioned throughout. There are songs dealing with the morality, the humanity, the horrors and the insanity that war brings.”

Even without taking his freshman LP release, the equally intense “Propaganda Dream Sequence,” into consideration, Sonus Mortis is no newcomer to death metal. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is an alumnus of the popular Irish melodic death metal band, Valediction, which was powerfully active from 2005-2011. The crew performed with bands such as Firewind, Amon Amarth, Thurisaz, Vreid, Desaster, Blaze Bayley, Wizard, Mael Mordha, Diamond Head, Cruachan, and Coldwar and a great many others.

Sonus Mortis records his music at the famous Trackmix Studios (Coldwar/Cruachan/Mael Mordha, et al) in Dublin. His first, three-track demo was freely released in July of 2013 and continues to collect hundreds of downloads. His debut LP record, “Propaganda Dream Sequence” was received with uproarious and uniform acclaim in the UK, Italy, Austria, USA, Germany, Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, and Russia, in addition to his home nation of Ireland. “War Prophecy” represents his most highly anticipated official release to date and has already garnered new Sonus Mortis fans from death-metal scenes around the world.

“War Prophecy” by Sonus Mortis is available online worldwide. Get in early, death-metal fans.

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Sonus Mortis releases debut album ‘Propaganda Dream Sequence’

The artist known as Sonus Mortis has released his debut LP album, “Propaganda Dream Sequence.” The record includes 11 original songs and two bonus tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour and 10 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Soaring, chilling, and titanic in the enormity of its sound, “Propaganda Dream Sequence” by Sonus Mortis is an arresting reminder of how gorgeously violent metal music can be.


The official Web page for Sonus Mortis describes his sound as “symphonic, dark, death metal from Ireland.” He cites as main artistic influences such staples of the scene as Anathema, Septic Flesh, Fear Factory, and Katatonia (et al.). Additionally, his anthemic compositions, darkly lush orchestration, and wall-of-sound studio production recall legends of experimental metal such as Neurosis, Cult of Luna, and Rosetta.


Roaring waves of guitars are layered in “Propaganda Dream Sequence” like many strata of earth. These are mixed with phantasmic elements of electronica which are interwoven in such a way as to make picking them out as individual components unlikely. Vocals are cavernous and threatening. All in all, Sonus Mortis’ debut record is gigantic in every imaginable way. It even concludes with a dark-metal homage to Toto’s epic theme for David Lynch’s “Dune.”


For fans of lyrical ingenuity, too, Sonus Mortis’ “Propaganda Dream Sequence” has more than enough to sink one’s teeth into.


Speaking of the themes of his debut record, Sonus Mortis writes, “The album ‘Propaganda Dream Sequence’ is a concept album. The album explores a futuristic dystopia where government controls every aspect of peoples lives. Apathy is strife; there is no enjoyment/emotion in the process of life anymore. Governments have installed machines where they inject propaganda into peoples dreams. The narrator from the start of the album realizes this, struggling with coming to terms with it all but starts to recode the machines to bring other people to this realization. Topics like religion, apathy, privacy, government control, censorship, and death are all linked into this story.”


Sonus Mortis is the professional name of Kevin Byrne, previously of Valediction (2007-2011). He has supported bands such as Amon Amarth, Firewind, Blaze Bayley and Diamond Head. He formed Sonus Mortis in 2013.


“Propaganda Dream Sequence” by Sonus Mortis is available online worldwide. Metal fans should definitely get in early.


-S. McCauley

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