Sonic Order releases new LP ‘Oscillator’

The electronica artist from Indiana known as Sonic Order has released his debut LP, titled, “Oscillator,” to widespread, emphatic praise from fans and critics alike. The record boasts 11 all new, original tracks from Sonic Order, for an approximate running time of 35 minutes. The album is suitable for a variety of listening environments, including but far from limited to personal listening, long drives, or midnight dance floors. It boasts catchy, vibrant melodies and thumping, crashing back beats, as well as the occasional vocal lead. The result is an extremely well polished work of EDM that is easily as excellent as any of the classics from bands like The Chemical Brothers or Crystal Method, and in some respects surpasses them.


The heart of Sonic Order is Ken Ford. Ford grew up with rock ‘n’ roll, his tastes stretching from classics such as The Doors and Pink Floyd to latter day metal innovators such as Metallica and Tool. According to his official bio, it was the restrictions of the guitar tonality that urged him towards electronica music, the range of which genre is bounded only by the creativity and imagination of the composer, himself.


Of this Ford writes, “Pushing the sonic boundaries and bringing order out of chaos felt like the last frontier in music – and the concept of Sonic Order was born … The concept of Sonic Order is to push the limits of the waves surrounding us by transforming them into mind-bending and heart-melting notes and tones.”


In this his record certainly succeeds in leaps and bounds. His music can evoke seemingly any conceivable emotion, and quite possibly others.


When asked about the possible messages “Oscillator” might communicate to his fans, Sonic Order replies, “I hope they find it revealing. I hope they are motivated by it. I hope that it helps them in their daily lives and to achieve their dreams.”


“Oscillator,” by Sonic Order is available online worldwide beginning late spring of 2013.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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