Indie crew Rock Bass release third studio album ‘Like the Fish’

The indie-rock group from West Virginia known as Rock Bass have released their newest LP album, “Like the Fish.” It is the third official full length from Rock Bass in a repertoire also including “The Adventures of Space Dog,” “Garbles,” and the seasonal EP, “A Rock Bass Christmas.” Like its predecessors, “Like the Fish” has been proudly published on the Try Catch Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Warm, bright, grooving, and packed with the good humor fans have come to expect, “Like the Fish” proves Rock Bass is a name to watch in 2018 and beyond.

Morgantown’s Rock Bass cite as main artistic influences Weezer, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, and They Might Be Giants. Smooshing these groups together in the imagination arrives at a sonic likeness very close to the Rock Bass experience. They’re fun, clever, danceable, and family-friendly while holding the interest of mature audiences with witty quips, pop-music hooks and undeniable melody lines.

Also adding to the allure of Rock Bass is an almost tangible music expertise running through “Like the Fish” and the rest of their recordings. Every note, beat, measure, harmony and lyric feels and sounds surgically precise, calibrated, balanced, deliberate almost to a fault but ultimately faultless. This makes sense. The band are no greenhorns.

“We have all been playing music since middle school,” writes singer, guitarist Canon Fazenbaker. “All four of us are now in our 30s.”

Nevertheless, Rock Bass – need it be said? Bass like the fish, not like the guitar – have only been together six years. Averaging slightly better than an official release every two years, they’re an active crew with lots of creative energy yet to spend.

Asked to describe the themes and styles of their new record, Fazenbaker writes, “’Like the Fish’ marks a return to our guitar-driven alternative rock roots. Our last album was more experimental. The main lyrical themes throughout the album focus on love, living in the moment, and moving past unexpected adversity.”

Rock Bass are Canon Fazenbaker (vocals / guitar), Kevin Poling (bass), Steve Yokum (drums), and Lee Dunn (guitar / vocals).

Rock Bass has been variously described as “classic indie rock,” “a genuine group” and “a band in motion.” They have also been called “a throwback to a time where thick reverb or booming production was not the goal of the music, a time when the instruments that carry the music and the musicians who carry the instruments were important.”

West Virginia’s Rock Bass have been prominently featured on both WCLG and WOAFM99 radio, as well as on the popular WV Sound and Sonic-Smash Music blogs. Rock Bass also wrote and recorded the theme song for the alternative-rock Allegheny Mountain Radio program, Alternate Transmission.

“Like the Fish” from Rock Bass is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-rock and indie music fans.

-S. McCauley

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Rock Bass releases debut LP record ‘Garbles’

Rock Bass has released their official debut LP record album, titled, “Garbles,” to broad fan and critical acclaim. The record contains 10 original songs for a total listening time of approximately 30 minutes. It is an alternative rock record with pop elements and an infectious, fun atmosphere. It manages to be both intelligent and ingenious while remaining carefree and spontaneous at the same time. A work of artistic integrity and great creativity, “Garbles” stands as clear proof that Rock Bass is going to be affecting underground music trends for a long, long time.

Rock Bass is not named after a mode of bass guitar playing, but rather the fish that populates many rivers in West Virginia, also known as the rock perch. The name reflects the trio’s bizarre sense of humor, which is often found in their lyrical themes and unlikely – though consistently delightful – musical phrases and compositions.

Their tone is rooted in that brightly distorted, post-punk sound that created 90s alternative rock bands like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Dinosaur Jr., and They Might Be Giants. What remains of that post-punk edginess in Rock Bass is apparent in tracks like “Killing It,” one of the more aggressive and raucous songs on the record. An amusingly defiant demeanor is ever-present. “I Think You Think,” a surprisingly low-key, blue jazz song that is one of two tracks labeled “explicit” on the release, bears the chorus: “I think you think – I give a f***.” Songs like “Obviously” sound more Beatles inspired, however, not unlike the work of the late UK band, The Libertines.

The themes of Rock Bass are often tongue-in-cheek, yet never outright crass. Many songs have personal meanings, such as “Bury,” a line from which runs thus, “I wanna bury these things that strangle me. I wanna bury them whole, bury these things that don’t mean a thing and learn to – learn to let it go.”

Obviously, the catchiness of Rock Bass music is apparent in their words alone, much like songs from pop favorites Weezer, with whom they share many rare and wonderful characteristics.

Of their debut LP, Rock Bass writes, “Garbles is a cohesive, eclectic mix of songs that vary in both musical style and instrumentation. The album covers topics such as mental breakdowns, Groundhog Day, strained relationships, love, hope, and more.”

Their introspective acuity bespeaks their underlying braininess, much of which is focused on creating music that is interesting to them.

“We are engineers and computer nerds with an odd sense of humor,” they say in their artist’s bio.

“Garbles” by Rock Bass is available online everywhere beginning April 11, 2013.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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