Sherrell Mitchell releases new single ‘No Turning Back’

The Singer/Songwriter/Producer of Gospel music….Sherrell Mitchell has

released his latest official single, “No Turning Back.” In addition to the

considerable talents of Mitchell, the single also features the performance of

Kevin “Rappin Rev” McAfee. This song has been proudly published as an

independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry,

although it is on Psalm 96 Records which is the label that Sherrell has recently



With turns of both innovative and traditional gospel underpinnings, as well as

an old-school hip-hop flavor, “No Turning Back” shows yet again that Sherrell

hasn’t run out of ideas by any measure. “No Turning Back” has a little

something for everybody.


Some of Rell’s main artistic influences, are legends of Gospel, Christian, and

Jazz music genres. Take 6, Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, John P Kee,

Kirk Franklin, Cora Jackson, L. Spencer Smith, Wintley Phipps, TaRanda

Greene, Hillsong, YPJ and FVC, Chick Corea, Jeff Lorber, Hezikiah Walker,

Darrel Hawk, and Vivian Perryman.


Asked to describe the overall theme of “No Turning Back,” Sherrell writes, “It

asks a simple question and makes a declarative statement: ‘Will you decide

now, to follow Jesus? No turning back — no turning back.’” The track’s title

and lyric chorus come from the popular hymn, “Will You Decide Now to

Follow Jesus.”


Sherrell is a Friend, a Father, a Veteran, a Teacher…but above all…A Lover Of

God. He developed his love for music early in Church and taught himself to

play the piano by ear. Since then he’s grown musically through private lessons,

college classes and some Great Mentors (Kay Classy, Steve Byrd, Neal Jones,

Grady Austin, Phil Curry, and Cora Jackson).


“All things are possible with God and I’m truly grateful for the Beautiful Gift Of

Music that He has entrusted me with.”


Sherrell is currently the Music Director at Immaculate Conception Church in

Seattle. He also works with other local ministries in the area, The Matt Talbot

Center, Cora Jackson’s Judah Song Choir, and his ensemble singers “The JLM

Worshipers” In 2016, he released 2 CDs, “The JLM Project” and “The Mass Of

New Vision.” In 2019 he released 3 singles “Salt Of The Earth”, "Hear O’

Israel”, And “I Believe”


His mission statement is: “Spreading the Gospel through musical expression 1

song at a time for an Audience of 1 as the world listens on.”


“No Turning Back” by Sherrell Mitchell on the Psalm 96 Records label is

available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

Get in early, gospel and popular Christian music fans.


“No Turning Back” by Sherrell Mitchell –

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