Reavis Mitchell releases new EP ‘Soul Beats Vol. 1’

The mix master and well-known beat genius known as Reavis Mitchell has released his new EP, “Soul Beats Vol. 1,” to widespread fan and critical acclaim. The album is comprised of six all-new, original tracks for an approximate total of 20 minutes’ playing time. It has been published on the Distorted Soul Detroit record label. The record is wholly instrumental, with heavy use of percussion as its main draw and groove, but utilizes also such instrumentation as synthesized brass, bass, strings, keys, and more. Its thrilling fifth track, “Outarange,” is alone worth the price of the EP. “Soul Beats Vol. 1” is steeped in the very best elements of hip hop, soul, and funk.

A longtime expert and purveyor of beats, Nashville’s Professor Reavis Mitchell (or Rev for short) has been more recently recognized as the co-founder of BKE Technology and an architect of the Beat Thang Mobile Music Production System. Some clients of his Soulbeat Productions have included Sony Music, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, USA Networks, and many major label as well as independent artists. He names as main artistic influences legendary artists such as J. Dilla, Shock G., Quincy Jones, and Teddy Riley.

When asked about the inherent message “Soul Beats Vol. 1” has to communicate to its hearers, Mitchell writes, “What is ‘soul?’ Soul is the immortal essence of life. It is the electrochemical element that binds the ‘self’ to the ‘all.’”

He derives particular interest in the overtones and feelings soul evokes, and also in their universal importance on a philosophical, sonic level.

“What does Soul sound like?” he says, “Soul is a deep resonance in your chest that sparks emotion, sets your heart on fire and makes you move. The first volume of the Soul Beats series is a metaphysically engineered collection of soul-infused hip hop and funk instrumentals, formulated to implant a cosmological command into the heart and root chakras: move!”

“Soul Beats Vol. 1,” by Reavis Mitchell, is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-Sean McCauley

Sr. Staff Writer


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