Rapper Bar Lingo releases new single ‘Radio’

The Michigan rapper known across the nation as Bar Lingo has released his latest official single, “Radio.” The track has been proudly published on the BreadFyrst Entertainment independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Pumped with bass, old-school power and some of the best lyrics ever to be carved from language, “Radio” by Bar Lingo is easily one of the heaviest-hitting hip hop tracks to emerge in 2016 so far.

Bar Lingo cites as main artistic influences a timeless list of legends. These include Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Scarface, Rakim, Big L, Marvin Gaye, Kool n the Gang, Gap Band, Zapp and Roger, James Brown, and New Edition. His own music has been compared to Mystikal, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, each of whom would fit perfectly on a mixtape featuring Bar Lingo.

A current official bio from Breadfyrst Ent. describes Bar Lingo’s writing clout, saying, “In a day and age where hip hop has been watered down and abased to piss-poor lyrics and mediocre hooks, Bar Lingo is a rarity and a breath of fresh air.”

Hip hop fans who agree that the scene has been hurt by a persistent influx of pop elements and pandering to the lowest common denominator are likely to hear much of what they’ve been missing in “Radio” by Bar Lingo. With an emphasis on carefully crafted lines and meaningful themes set to rock-solid back beats and creative instrumentation, Bar Lingo’s rap tracks are a reminder of what great hip hop can be.

Bar Lingo was born Botney Collins in Muskegon, Michigan, an area he calls “as unpretentious and blue collar as it gets.”

“I was born with music embedded in my DNA,” writes Bar Lingo. “I can’t recall a time when music wasn’t a part of my life. I used to drum on everything around the house. My love of music is incomprehensible; it runs deep through my veins. I’ve wanted to be a musician for as long as I can remember.”

While the heady language in Lingo’s music recalls some of the best hip hop ever recorded, the artist himself notes that some people are less enthusiastic about his writing style. He has said that “Guys get intimidated by how rough my bars be without cursing or using explicit content.”

Nevertheless, his fan base grows daily, spurred on by the sheer quality of his tracks as well as by the force of his frequent live performances.

In the end, music by Bar Lingo deserves a listen regardless of what kind of rapper the music fan may usually be listening to, and “Radio” is as good a place to start as any.

The single, “Radio,” by Bar Lingo is available from Breadfyrst Ent. At over 700 online stores worldwide beginning 20 April 2016. Get in early hip hop fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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