Radiogramm releases newest LP “Following The Brush”

Russian band Radiogramm has broken all boundaries with their latest album, “Following the Brush”

Russian band Radiogramm has broken all boundaries with their latest album, “Following the Brush.” The record is a full-length masterpiece comprising thirty minutes of music in nine original songs. The music is exceptionally creative and pleasant, unique without being pretentious, and easily the most remarkable music from St. Petersburg in 2012, possibly much longer.

Their sound lies somewhere between indie and modern folk with delicate Latin undertones, a dash of urban hip-hop, and with a strong presence of jazz influence to ground the mixture. Utilized instruments include, among more obvious inclusions, the violin, the cello, the sitar, and the triangle. Each track on “Following the Brush” presents a slightly different style, showcases a different perspective of their panache. Some tracks are extremely jazzy, while others are more calloused and contemporary. Others are as romantic as a Spanish rose garden in the spring, and still others are just a whit away from disco funk. Radiogramm has one of the most widely varied (and most widely exquisite) repertoires in the music scene today.

This is not necessarily a surprising end result when one considers their roots: among their most important influences, they list Damien Rice, Lamb, Grizzly Bear, and Radiohead – in that order. Upon being asked what message their music is intended to bring to their legions of fans, they write, “Music is universal; it has no boundaries.” The statement is certainly true for Radiogramm.

Radiogramm is a project created by Mike Egorov, a singer and songwriter based in St. Petersburg. This record, “Following the Brush” represents his second album to be recorded and mixed at Snap and Bid Blue Water Studios in London by the infamous Jerry Boys. Boys is world-renowned for his Grammy-Award winning production and engineering and lends his art to Radiogramm in conjunction with Alexander Titov for the Red Book Music label.


-S. McCauley

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