Rapper Ric Wil releases new official single ‘The Bad Guy’

The rapper known as Ric Wil has released his latest official single, “The Bad Guy.” The track has been dropped in both explicit and radio-ready formats. It is proudly published on the R U Wit It Entertainment independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Steady, heavy, and blending elements of old-school and modern hip hop, “The Bad Guy” is a track rap fans around the world can appreciate.

Gary, Indiana’s Ric Wil cites as main artistic influences Jay Z, 50 Cent, the Notorious BIG, and Kanye West. Having been raised in Jamestown, New York, it might not surprise anyone to see the East Coast thread running through his list of favorites. Likewise, the original East Coast sound which started it all decades ago is audible in Ric Wil’s own “The Bad Guy,” a pared-down, minimalist, uber-direct showcase of an MC on the mic with beats to build on and no unnecessary bells and whistles.

“The Bad Guy” is the third addition to the Ric Wil repertoire, riding on the coattails of his debut mixtape, “Ric Wil the Future,” and a single, “So Outta Here.”

Ric Wil was raised in a musical family, beginning first on trombone while developing his lyric talents on the side. His current official bio says of his early years, “He imitated the famous and influential rappers of the day until he grew comfortable with his own talents and found his performing persona.”

Today, he credits two people with bringing him to this stage in his career as an entertainer, rapper Divinicci (Uttmore Brevard), and rapper J Phenomenon (Jonathan Wilson). Divinicci and Ric Wil played off one another in a rap group, Wit It Wit It, largely specializing in freestyle. J Phenomenon is Ric Wil’s real-life younger brother, whose passing in 2010 of heart failure charged Wil with an intense personal mission.

“His death was out of the blue,” writes Wil. “Losing him pushes me to want to do my music and ‘blow up’ like he said I would.”

Doubtless, J Phenomenon would be proud this day has come.

“The Bad Guy” by Ric Wil is available online worldwide from over 600 quality music stores now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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