Vietnam veterans release music single ‘PTSD, the Enemy’



A stalwart crew of Vietnam veterans has released a new music single, titled, “PTSD, the Enemy.” The group has been financially supporting veterans who are afflicted with PTSD for more than 30 years. The group, whose website is the same as the title of the song (link provided below) uses a portion of the proceeds to provide direct economic assistance to veterans in need.


“Your support will enable us to continue to offer assistance to veterans awaiting the outcome of their disability claims,” the group’s official website states. “We will offer direct financial support to veterans through local charities to help with food needs, utility bills, housing, transportation etc. We will contribute to local soup kitchens and food banks that distribute to veterans in need.” reports that of the 2.3 million veterans of the USA’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least 20% of them have PTSD. Of these, approximately 50% will seek treatment, but only one fifth will receive what a recent RAND study termed “minimally adequate treatment.” “PTSD the Enemy,” and the group of military veterans who made the song possible, exist to bring aide to these hundreds of thousands of men and women waiting to hear from government agencies regarding their disability status.


“Too many veterans wait too long for a decision, and this has never been acceptable,” said VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, speaking of the lengthy process to approve a medical claim for PTSD. “That is why we are implementing an aggressive plan to eliminate the backlog in 2015.


However, 2015 remains a long way off. “PTSD, the Enemy” is a sure way to deliver help where it is needed most. Many of the 8.2 million Vietnam-era veterans with PTSD still need assistance even now.


The single itself is modern and stylish, with a style not unlike a contemporary Tracy Chapman’s. Its lyrics are clearly and compassionately written through the voice of experience.


Charity group spokesman L. Gatel writes, “The song attempts to convey the hurt and pain associated with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our hope is that this song will help to make more people aware of this condition and the devastating affect that it has had on our veterans. Support active duty military men and women, and honour our Veterans.”


“PTSD, the Enemy” is available online worldwide.


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