R&B singer PrinceTheModel releases new single ‘Playing Games’

The singer of R&B known as PrinceTheModel has released his latest official single, “Playing Games.” The track has been proudly published on PrinceTheModel’s own Lavish Life Entertainment independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Suave, classy, and blending equal parts groove and danceability, “Playing Games” serves as a first sign that PrinceTheModel is one of Las Vegas’s most intriguing new performers.

Nevada’s PrinceTheModel cites as main artistic influences Dip Set, Fabolous, Jay Z, Tupac Shakur, and Hot Boyz. His own sound is contemporary and on the cutting edge while also incorporating some of the freshest elements of the classic rhythm and blues sound. Fans of any or all of the above are likely to find something to sink their teeth into in PrinceTheModel’s “Playing Games.”

Asked to describe the overall theme and message of his latest release, PrinceTheModel writes simply that “My sound is global and anyone can vibe to it.”

Speaking of his musical inspirations and history in the scene today, PrinceTheModel says, “I’m the CEO of Lavish Life Ent and my brother is the artist. He got incarcerated and it motivated me to start recording. Once I started recording, I fell in love with music.”

A straight-up, genuine and unabashed singer and songwriter, PrinceTheModel comes out swinging and shows his audience exactly who he is and what he’s about with few wasted words. In fact, the current official bio for PrinceTheModel is limited to 21 easy words:

“What up, world, I go by the name of PrinceTheModel. I’m from west Las Vegas and I am an R&B artist.”

Having said that, there’s only the experience of hearing the music that can do more to explain what PrinceTheModel is here to do.

“Playing Games” by PrinceTheModel is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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