Porcelain Clocks releases new EP ‘Mirror Is Calling’

The alternative rock ensemble known as Porcelain Clocks have released their long-awaited EP, titled, “Mirror Is Calling.” The EP contains six new, original tracks for a running total of approximately half an hour of listening. This little powerhouse record is a stunning, surprising release for everyone but the ever-growing Porcelain Clocks’ fan base, whose numbers been aware of them for months, silently keeping this explosive underground secret to themselves. For the rest of the music world, “Mirror Is Calling” represents an introduction, one akin to shaking hands with a high-voltage power line.

The crew from Enfield, CT (which locale has become a hotbed of alternative and indie music in the last few years) play a style of alternative rock that has elements in common with grunge rockers Stone Temple Pilots, British shoegazers Radiohead, and alternative hardcore band Deftones. However, the overall sound is much, much more related to lesser known, early indie bands such as Cave-In, Piebald, and Sunny Day Real Estate.

Like these great bands of unsung heroes, the volatile aggression of Porcelain Clocks is tempered with infinite patience. The soft, sonic brutality contained in “Mirror is Calling” comes from carefully crafted crescendos that build like tidal waves towering upward for miles, cresting and crashing only after having scraped the sky. Every track is like an emotional workout, yet the Clocks are totally devoid of melodrama. In creating this, the chemistry between the members is not so much a delicate balance as it is the equal strength and interdependence of chained links.

“Music is a passion and a lifestyle for all of us,” writes the Porcelain Clocks. “We have each spent years in the business with various projects. When this opportunity to create came up, it was an easy fit.”

Regarding the themes of the record, they comment, “The album brings together several ideas, both lyrically and musically. Lyrically we incorporate themes of love, loss, change, hope, and even a bit of dirty passion. Musically we bring in influences from indie, 80s, metal, and others. Each of us comes from different musical backgrounds in different genres, which for us was the appeal. Merge all the music we love so much in one ever evolving package. The EP is just a start.”

Upon hearing the album any music fan can tell that this EP is far more than “just” a start. But its inspiring to know that there’s even more music like this in store for the audiophiles of the rock world.

“Mirror Is Calling” is available online worldwide beginning late spring 2013.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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