Texas Old-School Rap Artist Pimp TYT Releases New Single “Tell ‘Em”

Pimp TYT, an old-school rapper from Texas, has returned to the music scene with his breakout new single, “Tell ‘Em”


Pimp TYT, an old-school rapper from Texas, has returned to the music scene with his breakout new single, “Tell ‘Em.” Tyt’s music is a new, refreshing spin on the classic late-eighties hip-hop groove with an emphasis on sharp rhymes and pimp culture. His voice is strong and emphatic, his rhetoric and wordplay witty and clever. His back beats intertwine with funky bass riffs and big, bold brass, but his most striking characteristic is perhaps his backing female vocals, which are sterling-perfect and orchestrated in the disco-esque style that prevailed in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In this era of mostly illiterate, rhythm-less radio pop, Pimp Tyt is almost certainly what modern hip-hop listeners have been missing for so long.

Tyt, who was originally known in the Texas scene as 30 OT 6, has opened for such mainstream acts as Wu Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Run DMC, Robb Bass, and Digital Underground, among others. He has been rapping onstage since 1992, but took a hiatus out of artistic frustration after deciding his circumstances were unsuitable for his music to meet his high personal standards. Upon reasserting himself in the scene, Tyt’s signature sound immediately caught the attention of music fans and promoters alike. His distinctive “dirty Texas funk hip-hop” tone is inimitable, a shining attribute that distinguishes him apart from the often-homogenous blur of underground rap and hip-hop today.

Pimp Tyt grew up in 1970’s Southern California. He is the son of an Italian mother and Jamaican father, both of whom were in “the business.” Of this he has said that music became for him an outlet, the form of artistic expression he used to voice his “childhood animosity, anger, and uncertainty of growing up with nothing.” We can be glad it did, too, because without his checkered past the hip-hop world might have had to do without Tyt’s one-of-a-kind style, and in an industry inundated more and more with the same-old gangsta swagger and second-rate, autotuned vocals, that would be a crying shame.

-Sean McCauley

MondoTunes Staff Writer

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Website: http://www.pimptyt.com