Jazz-fusion artist Person Natalie releases LP ‘Gypsy Dance’

The eclectic saxophonist and composer known as Person Natalie has released her latest full-length album, “Gypsy Dance.” The record contains eight original tracks for about 40 minutes of listening. It has been proudly published on the Person Natalie independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Blending elements of jazz, country, R ‘n’ B and even world music, “Gypsy Dance” may be one of the most stylistically inclusive jazz-fusion records ever recorded.

For her 2014 EP record, Person Natalie listed such artistic influences as Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Merle Haggard and Motown. For this new, flagship LP release, however, she cites only one: Miles Davis. This is both telling and appropriate of her album, considering the titanic bridges both records build between seemingly disparate music categories.

“This album is intended to be a cross-genre delight,” writes Person Natalie of her record. “It’s definitely about enjoying the journey and the positive escape of music, and just letting it develop naturally.”

In addition to the considerable skills of Person Natalie, herself, “Gypsy Dance” also features the talents of players Kye Palmer, Aisha Ewell, and Ron Sanchez. It is her second self-produced album.

“It’s exciting to work with others and I feel very privileged and grateful, especially to David Lewis Luong [producer of her “Dreamy Lullaby” and “Deep as Ocean” releases],” she says. The decision to self-produce her “Gypsy Dance” LP with the aid of her father, a bassist, is a matter of creative expression.

“It feel it’s most rewarding to produce on your own (though not easy)” writes Natalie, “when the party you’ve got going on in your head comes to life and translates onto a recording exactly how you intended it – and beyond, really.”

The intuitive sax performer has called “Gypsy Dance” her best studio work to date, but is also quick to reassure, “Oh, I have more up my sleeve,” hinting that her future projects may delve even further into realms outside jazz.

“I have a deep enjoyment of and respect for jazz and those that can play it, as the requirements are very

challenging and keep you thinking,” says Person Natalie, “but I feel more at home and down-to-earth, more relatable, with rock, country and R ‘n’ B.”

“Gypsy Dance” by Person Natalie becomes available online worldwide 9 June 2017. Get in early, jazz fans. Don’t miss her official music video at her official website, link provided below.

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Person Natalie releases new EP ‘Off the Grid’

The composer and saxophonist known as Person Natalie has released her debut EP album, “Off the Grid.” The record comprises four original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes, making for a comprehensive introduction to the growing Person Natalie repertoire. Commonly listed online as contemporary jazz music, the “Off the Grid” EP has elements of both cool and smooth jazz, but focuses on Person Natalie’s highly intuitive, consistently surprising sax phrases.


This eclectic manner of composition comes from her broadly diverse pool of musical influences. Person Natalie cites “Aretha Franklin to Motown artists like Sam and Dave; Wilson Pickett all the way to Johnny Cash; Merle Haggard to classic rock, Fleetwood Mac, the Who, Van Halen, Steely Dan … Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Jeff Lorber Fusion, Little Dragon, Silversun Pickups and Charlie Parker.”


Clearly, Person Natalie has access to every tonal hue with which to paint her sonic pictures. An early name for her project, the ‘Natalie Person Disorder,’ bespoke the unique nature of her sound.


“I think stylistically, it’s pretty varied. I really love Jazz too, especially being a sax player, although I want to make it clear that I am not a jazz musician. Many of my chord choices definitely reflect my jazz influences and training (from Saddleback). My goal, as far as music is concerned, is just to write an interesting, compelling song and ‘kill it’ on the sax.”


While Person Natalie’s “Off the Grid” EP is based on composition and instrumentation, it still manages a great deal of narrative.


“Each song tells its own story, simply put,” she writes. “’Some Clarity’ is about gaining perspective, balancing out – having your vision adjusted, so to speak. ‘Moonlighting at JPL’ is about my tendency to daydream. I’m not afraid to dream a little. ‘Kevlar Up’ is about bracing to weather the storms of life, to toughen up and block the attempts of anybody trying to burst your bubble. ‘Carmen’s Mix’ is a song I wrote for my sister.”


“Carmen’s…” closes out the EP. It has a special place in Person Natalie’s set. “I like what I did with the saxophone in this one,” she writes.


Perhaps most remarkable about Person Natalie’s writing and performing style is how clearly it communicates her mood and character, both during her performance of the song and at the time of the song’s composition.


“It’s a good creative outlet,” she writes. “If it goes somewhere, great. If it doesn’t, it sure is good therapy, regardless. One of my favorite quotes is something John Lennon said: ‘One’s originality comes from his inability to emulate those that influenced him.’”


“Off the Grid” by Person Natalie is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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