Announcing: Break These Chains Music Video by Master Mark featuring K-Rino

Announcing: Break These Chains Music Video by Master Mark featuring K-Rino

Hip hop artist Master Mark took the gardening world by storm with his recent “Gardening is Gangsta” Music Video.  Today he released Break These Chains, a song about the invisible chains that keep us in bondage.  Mark believes these metaphorical chains have been used to turn modern society into one giant slave plantation.

Mark argues that there is a spiritual realm that coexists with our physical realm, “It’s real, it’s there and it’s important.  If you are not aware of it’s existence then YOU ARE ASLEEP!”

The typical image of a slave brings up memories of whips and actual chains, but Mark says credit card debt, mortgages, car notes, and student loan debt, are the modern day slave’s new chains. Parking tickets, late fees, overdraft fees, over the limit fees, taxes, etc.. serve the same purpose that the whips and lashings once served.

Instead of plantation owners, we have politicians and militarized police who are still as violent and brutal as ever.  In fact, modern policing was developed to return slaves to their owners before and during the Civil War. Mark argues that new slave masters are elected by the slave population under the guise of a Democrat Republican form of government that creates a false illusion of freedom.

“Stop playing their silly democrat/ republican games.  This is so blasphemous!  A bunch of old men dressed up in suits trying to create division within the masses to protect the corporatocracy that they created out of our once great nation.  Ignore them.  Don’t vote.  Their phony system will then soon come to an end.” – Master Mark

According to Mark the public school systems and television programming contribute to the slave-like mind state of modern Americans. This upbringing convinces people that they are free, even though they are met with force and theft at every turn.  Mark gives the analogy of a no seat belt ticket;

“Say you get a no seat belt ticket for $300 and you pay it.  And say you work hard every day for $60 per day after taxes and deductions.  A $300 ticket equals 5 days of work.  So you had to serve 5 hard days of work for free just because this cop wanted to protect and serve you.  You were just sentenced to be a slave to the system.”

The message Mark brings with this video is that you don’t have to wear these chains. They are voluntary. Stay out of credit card debt by not getting credit cards, or stop using them if you have them. Eliminate all debt in your life and stop taking on new debt. If you cannot pay cash you cannot afford it.

In the video there is a fight sequence. Mark says the fight scenes represent the spiritual battle that goes on inside each and every one of us.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  -Ephesians 6:12

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A First Look at Eric Alán’s “My Favorite Sin”

For those of you fans of pop music living in NYC who haven’t yet heard of Eric Alán, it’s time to come out from under that rock and get a good look.

His “My Favorite Sin” official video premiered Wednesday on, YouTube and elsewhere, and unless you have something against rock-solid back beats, darkly driving synths, and singing that recalls everything that was ever good about the Euro-alternative scene of the 1990s, then you’ve got some very good music coming to you.

But the music is just a glimpse of the overall picture.

The first word that comes to mind describing Eric Alán’s “My Favorite Sin” video is blood. (Well, actually, it’s ‘beats,’ but ‘blood’ is a close second.) “My Favorite Sin” is an almost shockingly visceral experience in terms of both sight and sound. Its jabbing, pounding, pummeling boxing motif makes for particularly violent viewing as pop-music videos go, giving an even sharper edge to an already evocative and adrenaline-fueled song.

The song itself has a shadowy tone reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s Violator record, but with house-music additions which make it far more danceable and energetic, something fans of Eric Alán won’t find surprising. Alán’s lyrics are worth hearing and thinking about, too. They’re clearly very intimate to him in particular, but describe the feeling of civil war within us all very well, also.

Alán’s theme of fighting allows for personal, profound and startling symbolism, much more so than mainstream music generally cares to indulge in, though of course the focus of “My Favorite Sin” remains the dancing, the singing, and the (ahem) undulating.

This is, maybe, the most impressive bit about Eric Alán’s new video: it’s catchy, it’s sexy, it’s shocking in its ferocity and a hell of a lot of fun to watch – but it’s also meaningful, dead honest, and nakedly human (even literally). By the end of the 4.5-minute show, “My Favorite Sin” even manages to be wise.

With sledgehammer symbolism, the title bout in “My Favorite Sin” is between reigning champ, Eric Alán, and his ominous, black-knight challenger … Eric Alán. Contrary to inner-struggle stereotypes, though, it is not a battle of good vs. evil, and the video gives few clues as to which Alán the music fan should be cheering on. In fact, it’s entirely uncertain which of them Alán, himself, would prefer to win, the unavoidable point being that they’re both beating agony out of one another and neither of them will relent.

It’s a bloodbath. There’s sweat everywhere. If there are tears to go with these fluids, they’re too mixed in to tell.

The song is performed by a graying Alán at center ring. He wears a dapper tuxedo and sings into a dangling bullet mic like a classic announcer of championship title fights. This Alán represents the scarred and aged Alán, the post-career Alán, the one who gave up fighting long ago, presumably because it’s a destructive, brutal sport in which he either didn’t care to continue – or eventually couldn’t.

There’s even a shot of Alán training which includes his adorable little dog (whose actual name happens to be Rocky, no less). The pup sticks by the singer and works as a kind of foil against all the carnage, looking positively innocent and joyful even as his master strives to ensure that he can devastate himself as totally as possible when the time comes.

Naturally, there’s a ton of exceptional dancing featuring Eric Alán’s onstage dance crew, dancing being at the heart of his music and live performances. There’s also an amount of male flesh – male flesh that is literally inspirational. It’s arresting. Eric trained for months to pull off the boxing character in his video, and it definitely shows.

All in all, the official video for “My Favorite Sin” by Eric Alán is a round-one knockout. Bringing sound, style, dance and even philosophy to the table in one flexing and grimacing package, it’s far more than his fans or critics could possibly have expected.

It’s a game changer for independent music videos and music vids in general, proving not only that pop music doesn’t have to be insipid, but also that if the mainstream doesn’t keep its guard up and come out swinging, indie artists like Eric Alán are going to massacre them. TKO.


See the official “My Favorite Sin” video from Eric Alán at

Nellagy releases new video ‘To the Sky’

The singer of hip-hop music known as Nellagy has released the highly anticipated official music video for his recent single, “To the Sky.” Both the popular single track and new official video have been published on the Spentopia Entertainment independent music label. The single, having been available online around the world since New Year’s Day of 2015, has had at the time of this writing five weeks to garner a following, and in that time has surpassed every expectation in doing so. This quickly growing fan base of Nellagy’s has been clamoring to see the video which it had been rumored would go in circulation soon. Now for both Nellagy’s burgeoning crew of new fans and the loyal clique of old, the wait is finally over.

The video itself represents Nellagy in every way the style and tone of his music do. It is classy, elegant, and pop-minded with hip-hop overtones. Cleanly directed and polished with a high production value and flawless execution, the “To the Sky” video from Nellagy is everything his fans could have hoped for.

For those not yet acquainted with the artist from Delaware, Nellagy cites as main artistic influences Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Big Sean and J Cole. His own manner of music takes key elements of these and molds from them a new sonic image all his own. A young college student, himself, Nellagy takes pleasure in crafting clever lines and rhymes for a hip-hop experience that is far more than urban buzz words set to a beat.

Asked in December to comment on the meaning of his single, Nellagy wrote, “This song really captures the feeling and experience of a new flame.”

The “To the Sky” official video by Nellagy is available from Spentopia Entertainment online worldwide (links supplied below).

The following is taken from the artist’s current official bio.

[Nellagy Bio] Nellagy was born Gregory Allen Spencer II in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Raised in Delaware, he is a 19-year-old college student who is serious about being a hip-hop artist. Nellagy pens his rhymes from his ambitious spirit and strong desire to be a success. He likens himself to Kanye West because of his ability to write and deliver his lyrical flow on his own tracks.
Nellagy describes himself as a guy who has fun and likes his fans to have fun with his music. He is a positive and uplifting artist who loves the art of making music….It shows in his life and music! At the age of 16, he wrote his debut EP, “Appearance Ain’t Everything.” He created this project because he wants the world to see hip hop is not all negative or stereotypical. Nellagy’s recent accomplishments include co-writing the title song for an upcoming movie titled, “Brotherly Love.” He also wrote “Break The Code,” which was selected to be on a mixtape distributed for an education summit sponsored by Jr. Music Executive, Google, Temple University, and host of other organizations.

Nellagy’s latest project, “That How I Do,” is a collection of songs that touch on his ambition, relationships and desire to have fun!

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“To the Sky” official video –
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Rapper Jagger Spacy releases official music video for hit single ‘Where’d You Go?’

The up-and-coming rapper and songwriter known as Jagger Spacy is releasing his biggest and most widely awaited official music video to date, “Where’d You Go?” The video is based on his runaway hit hip-hop / pop music single by the same name, which made headlines less than one month ago in the last quarter of 2014. Sonorous, heartfelt and extremely catchy, Spacy fans and new listeners alike felt that “Where’d You Go?” was sure to come packaged with an official music video – and Spacy wasn’t about to leave the music world hanging.

Hailing from the hip-hop hotbed of Arizona, which derives its characteristic sonic style from not only the ever-popular West Coast rap but also typically the “dirty” south sound and that of the founding capital of hip hop, New York City, Jagger Spacy’s voice and persona immediately recall those of Eminem. Spacy’s “Where’d You Go?” is both more personal and more accessible than much of the music of Marshall Mathers, however, and has been attracting listeners from nearly every music genre.

It should perhaps come as no surprise, therefore, that an accompanying music video for the young star’s most successful single should appear, and particularly since the artist’s main aim is to connect with his ever-growing audience.

“I hope that people will relate to my music and that they will be inspired,” said Jagger Spacy in a recent interview. “I hope it will show people that even though we deal with life challenges and struggles, we can get through it. Failure is key. I am just rebuilding what was broken.”

Listeners wishing to get a better introduction to the rapper and singer are encouraged to meet him through his online bio, available for viewing here: Watch for the official video for “Where’d You Go?” by Jagger Spacy to become available for viewing online everywhere soon.

The popular single that started it all, “Where’d You Go?” by Jagger Spacy, is already available online worldwide. Fans of rap, pop, and hip-hop music should get in early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Where’d You Go?” by Jagger Spacy –