R-n-B and soul artist Marcus has released his latest official single ‘You Are’

The artist of R&B and soul music known as Marcus has released his latest official single, “You Are.” The track has been proudly published on the CEO Inc. Music Group independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Classy, sonorous, and sparkling with the authentic Chicago sound, “You Are” is a track to put Marcus on the map for soul fans everywhere.

Asked to cite a few of his main artistic influences, Marcus lists a litany of legends. These include Luther, Sam Cooke, Frankie Beverly, the Isley Brothers, Santana, Otis Redding, Will Downing, Levert, Stevie Wonder, and all Motown artists. Fans of these are likely to appreciate “You Are” by Marcus as this latest offering bears many of the same elements which made the above popular around the world.

Perhaps most notably among said elements is Marcus’ trademark natural singing voice. Ironically, his voice is what got him into producing original music for a surprising reason: he joined his high school’s band, “’cause I could not make the choir.” Marcus fans are quick to point out that his tenor is his chief charm.

Marcus has described his music as “Smooth, soulful R&B music for all ages.”

You Are” is the third single from Marcus’ upcoming album, “Must Be Love.” Like other releases from Marcus, the record will be published on the CEO Inc. Music Group label.

A recent official announcement from CEO reads:

Marcus is presenting his 3rd release ‘You Are’ from his up-and-coming CD ‘Must Be Love’ on CEO Label. Marcus has been singing since high-school days in Chicago and entertaining throughout the Chicago area for years. Finally he is sharing his talents with the world with his debut CD. Set back and enjoy his r&b soulful voice and you’ll agree he has love on his mind and in his music. Listen and you’ll hear and feel it for yourself.”

You Are” by Marcus on CEO is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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R&B and nu-soul artist Ray Harry releases new single ‘Close Your Eyes to See’

The R&B and nu-soul artist known as Ray Harry has released his latest single, “Close Your Eyes to See.” It is the most recent official release from Ray Harry since his popular August 2016 single, “I Want to Give Thanks.” These and others from Ray Harry have been proudly published on the Lighthouse Music & Media independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Soulful, sonorous, and bringing that unmistakable East Coast groove into the 21st century, “I Want to Give Thanks” stands as evidence that Ray Harry has a place in music collections everywhere.

Brooklyn, NYC’s Ray Harry cites as main artistic influences Earth, Wind and Fire, Roy Ayers, the Philly sound, the Motown sound, and as he puts it, “so many more.” “Close Your Eyes to See” takes elements of Roy Ayers and EWF and blends them with the panache of titans such as Al Green, Bill Withers and Isaac Hayes. Ray Harry’s raw, interpersonal style communicates to listeners with an unadorned, acoustic production making a naturally clear canvas on which his rich vocals can paint pictures.

“I like to write songs about life,” writes Harry of his lyric themes. “My songs are about love, lost and found. All the dynamics of a relationship, I write about. I also write songs about life struggles and triumphs, the highs and lows of our journey. Many of my songs are written from my experience, but I also observe the world and compose from that perspective. My ultimate message is to send positive vibes through music.”

Ray Harry’s current official bio describes him as born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn to immigrant parents from Belize and Honduras, Central America.

“From a very early age, the sounds of music captured his heart, and he been on a mission to bring the music from his mind into the real world ever since,” it reads.

Harry credits growing up in New York with sculpting his approach to creating music, characterizing his neighborhood as “a melting pot of cultures where the many musical styles of the community influenced” him. Also affecting his creative efforts was the hi-fi his parents kept in the living room.

“Ray heard a great mix of old school Latin music, soca, calypso, reggae, soul, pop and the traditional music of the Garifuna people, of whom his family is descended,” his bio states.

While the music of his mother and father were seminal in his artistic development, nevertheless it was not where his own career was headed.

“I must admit,” Ray Harry writes, “during the boom-box era, radio was my best friend.”

His elder brothers had extensive record collections stocked with the contemporary soul of the ’60s, ’70s and the ’80s. Ray himself purchased turntables and a mixer, then set out to develop his own vinyl collection.

“Ray’s special musical niche was culling hip-hop break beats,” states his bio, “and the early hip productions from the likes of Enjoy Records and the first releases from the legendary Def Jam Records. Ray and his friends would set up speakers on the street corner, cutting and scratching break beats and hip-hop records into the late evening for the community locals.”

Eventually Harry became the house music producer for several aspiring rap groups but never broke through into the mainstream.

Ray Harry is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree in music production and the founder/CEO of Lighthouse Music & Media.

“Close Your Eyes to See” by Ray Harry is available online worldwide from over 600 digital music stores online worldwide now.

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