Rocker Vin Colella releases new EP ‘ReVolution Street Sessions’

The singer and songwriter of rock music known as Vin Colella has released his latest EP album, “ReVolution Street Sessions.” The EP comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Colorfield Media independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. Alive with alt-rock verve, blues-driven sonorousness and the heartfelt intensity of contemporary folk rock, “ReVolution Street Sessions” by Vin Colella is a pop-friendly rock record no music fan should miss.

Vin Colella has cited as main artistic influences such masterminds as Cary Brothers, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Lifehouse, and the Goo Goo Dolls. Additionally, his ever-growing, ever-more-loyal fan base often draws comparisons to those of modern folk heroes like Iron & Wine and Ray LaMontagne. Colella’s own style is sure to appeal to fans of any of the above, yet his sound cannot be called derivative – his lyrics, delivery, and natural mode of songwriting are all unique to him alone.

The Vin Colella sound falls into many categories, belonging partially to each of them and to none in particular. categorizes his new “ReVolution Street Sessions” EP variously as folk rock, pop, and adult contemporary all at once, each being as apt as the others in its own way, this sonic elasticity being at the core of Colella’s signature tone.

Already something of an underground sensation, Vin Colella has been turning fan and industry heads since his appearance on the scene in 2007.

“Vin is one of the greatest raw talents I’ve ever witnessed,” says the co-creator of the historic Woodstock Music Festival of ’69, Artie Kornfeld.

Michelle Buckman of Fox News raves, “I thought Vin was perfect for my story but didn’t realize I’d really fall for his music. He really reminds me of one of my favorites, the late, great Jeff Buckley.”

Sound engineer at the Sound Station Studios Wayne C. Davis (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, My Chemical Romance) calls Colella, “One of the best songwriters I have come across in a very long time.”

Commenting on Vin Colella’s time with former band, V, Davonne R. Armstrong of writes that Colella is “Nothing short of astounding.”

A return to everything that has been great about rock ‘n’ roll since the very beginning, “ReVolution Street Sessions” is an EP with something for everyone and stands as the most recent evidence that Vin Colella is an artist to be watched in 2015 and beyond.

“ReVolution Street Sessions” by Vin Colella becomes available online worldwide 22 May 2015. Get in early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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Chris Michael Taylor releases rock single ‘Dead Man Walkin”

The singer and songwriter of rock music known as Chris Michael Taylor has released his capital new single track, “Dead Man Walkin’.” The track is the first official single to be debuted from his upcoming freshman LP album. Impeccably, sonorously sung and featuring evocative songwriting and razor-sharp guitar work, “Dead Man Walkin’” by Chris Michael Taylor is a return to everything that was good about rock music in the early ’80s that bears none of what was bad.

Taylor’s upcoming album, the release date and title of which have yet to be announced, has been rumored to be a collection of rock songs largely written by Taylor and performed by him on acoustic guitar. This represents a rare style of rock music played acoustically which has characterized the artist’s sound since he appeared on the national radar in 2013.

Chris Michael Taylor cites as main music influences Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Lynch (Dokken) and Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne). Of these, the first two share the most similarities with Taylor’s writing and singing styles, whereas his guitar chops are sharper and edgier in the tradition of guitarists with heavier styles such as Lynch’s and Lee’s.

However, Taylor’s “Dead Man Walkin’” isn’t just a rock song. If it were, choosing a strictly acoustic sound for the track might seem dubious. Enough elements of pop shine through his rock overtones to carry the song above traditional rock music into a new realm of rock-based pop, though, and these pop attributes make Taylor’s singer-songwriter method work wonderfully. The pop fringe with which Taylor has gilt his latest single (and presumably his upcoming record) is informed by his penchant for musicians like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

North Carolina’s Chris Michael Taylor developed an obsession with music at the age of five by discovering an album by Eddie Van Halen. Now seeing his solo career truly begin to boom at the start of 2015, Taylor is also the lead guitarist in the up-and-coming country/rock band Early Ray, lead guitarist with Vinnie and Carmine Appice in Drum Wars, and lead guitarist in the classic-rock tribute band, Sunset Strip. Taylor has performed live at venues across America and has shared the stage with such legends as Elliot Rubinson, Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger, Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo, among others.

“Dead Man Walkin’” by Chris Michael Taylor is available online worldwide. Rock fans shouldn’t miss it.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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