Aaron Declan releases self-titled album ‘Aaron Declan – 2019’

The songwriter and producer of Christian rock, alternative and praise music known as Aaron Declan has released his latest official album, “Aaron Declan – 2019.” The album contains 10 original Aaron Declan tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Bammie Wham Music record label. Part pop, part alt-rock, part acoustic singer-songwriter and all in the spirit of the Christian Word, “Aaron Declan – 2019” showcases Aaron Declan as one of the standout praise artists of Q3 2019 so far and promises that he has plenty more where that came from.

Indiana’s Aaron Declan and his powerhouse songwriter, Ron Muse, citesas main artistic influences Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, the Beatles, Bob Seger, Kiss, Carman, News Boys, Petra, and D.C. Talk. Aaron Declan’s own sound takes elements from each of these and adds something fresh and unique for a result which will appeal to a broad spectrum of music fans. However, their sound has most in common with popular Christian artist Rich Mullins (“Doubly Good to You,” “If I Stand”). Fans of Mullins are likely to find a special kinship with this new album from Aaron Declan. With a firm foundation on the words of Jesus Christ, “Aaron Declan – 2019” by Aaron Declan has a little something for every fan of gospel and modern Christian music.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of his latest offering, Aaron Declan writes, “God loves everyone. Jesus has a place in His kingdom for all who will turn to Him, no matter their past faults or failures!”

Aaron Declan has been singing since childhood, since which time he has been “performing for anyone who would listen,” as Bammie Wham Music puts it. The label also notes that Declan spent “many years of debate on how to best serve God and be a witness to His glory.” The upshot of all this soul searching was a career in music. “Together with Ron Muse, who writes all of his songs,” says Bammie Wham, “he put together a powerful and beautiful collection of tracks that will touch, heal and guide all who hear them.”

The label has also spoken of Declan’s self-titled LP as a clutch of “powerful songs that will make a real impact on listeners and bring them to a understanding that there is hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ for all who will call on Him!”

“Aaron Declan – 2019” by Aaron Declan on the Bammie Wham Music label is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, Christian rock fans.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Aaron Declan – 2019” by Aaron Declan –


‘God’s Not Dead’ film actress releases pop EP



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New Orleans, LA – Aug. 7, 2015

15-year-old TV and film actress Abigail Duhon has released a new EP record, “More Than Gold.” The EP features three tracks from her upcoming full album, “I’m Living Life,” expected Jan. 2016. Her EP album includes its eponymous single, “More Than Gold,” from the official soundtrack for the feature film, “Caged No More.” The film explores the grim realities of human trafficking and will debut Jan. 22, 2016. Abigail Duhon’s “More Than Gold” pop-music EP becomes available online worldwide beginning Aug. 14, 2016.

Produced by Dove and Grammy winner Chuck Butler, the EP features three tracks with a bonus remix. Co-written by Duhon and Butler, her sophomore-release album provides a fun and edgy pop vibe which matches the actress’ personality.

“I wanted to write music that I know teens will listen to but also have a message in each song that shares my faith and views of how cool it is to be a Christian,” says Duhon.

Touring throughout the 2015 summer at various Christian Music Festivals, Duhon has performed for tens of thousands of fans since April in Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington and Tennessee. She is currently performing music from her upcoming LP album, including those on the “More Than Gold” EP.

Duhon appears in the film “Caged No More” as one of the captured teen girls who are being sold into modern-day slavery. The topic is highly sensitive but not well discussed in the general public. The alarming rate of young children being kidnapped and sold into slavery in America alone motivated Duhon to want to participate in a film that brings about awareness.

“My song, ‘More Than Gold,’ was written to tell these young girls that they shouldn’t define their worth based on the horrible experience they had being captured and sold,” she explained. “I’m hoping it makes an impact to bring attention to this evil that exists and help it stop.”

Duhon also appeared in the most successful Christian film of all time, “God’s Not Dead” (2014). She will return to the big screen in 2016 in films such as “Camp Cool Kids” and “I’m Not Ashamed” (The Columbine High School Shooting Story) as well as the anxiously awaited “God’s Not Dead 2,” premiering Easter 2016. She will continue touring for the remainder of 2015 with the Millennial Tour, along with other young Christian artists.

For more information about Abigail Duhon, visit http://www.AbigailDuhon.com.