Maybesoon release new official video ‘Everfall’

The electropop duo known as Maybesoon has released their latest official video, “Everfall.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Hill Street Records record label. A joint effort exhibiting drama, songwriting, stage direction and precise studio production, “Everfall” presents Maybesoon as a visual music project fans of any art form can appreciate. See below for link to “Everfall,” the official video.

Maybesoon (stylized maybesoon) are recording/visual artist Jayme Woj and producer Alan Bukowiecki. They cite as main musical influences Bjork, Pet Shop Boys, Robyn, Radiohead, Erasure, and Swedish artist Jonna Lee. Maybesoon’s own sound on “Everfall” takes elements from each of these and adds many fresh and unique elements for a melange all their own.

The official video for “Everfall” has a coherent character from start to finish exhibiting all the duo’s talents – which is to say, there’s a lot of art packed in there.

We are currently creating a series of singles and music videos that fuse electronic music with body paint and new emerging technologies to give our fans unique audiovisual experiences,” write Maybesoon in their current official bio.

This amalgam of artistry makes plenty of sense, considering the pedigree of the musicians. Woj and Bukowiecki both come from musical theater, with the former performing as a Hollywood actor, singer, visual artist and stunt performer, the latter as a Broadway musician, conductor and composer.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “Everfall,” Maybesoon write, “Everfall was written during a time when frontman Jayme Woj experienced the loss of multiple family members and close friends in quick succession. He wrote the lyrics about the struggles those closest to him were experiencing as they were all forced to navigate and cope with the loss of their loved ones.”

Writing the lyrics was really my way of trying to make sense of all the different ways people around me were processing their grief,” says Woj. “I never intended to actually put it to music. A few months later … I played a character who was helping his lover move through the stages of grief. Working on the film was a very healing experience for me … After we finished the film I wanted to honor both the loved ones I lost and the character I played who helped me cope, so Alan and I put the lyrics to music.”

The full, in-depth interview may be read at the band’s official website (link provided below).

Everfall” represents the sophomore release from Maybesoon, their debut being “Reverie,” also on Hill Street. It appeared in summer 2019.

Everfall” by Maybesoon on the Hill Street Records label is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, electropop fans.


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Los Angeles electronica band Tremble release debut single ‘Illumination’

The L.A.-based electronica trio called Tremble have released their much talked-about debut single, “Illumination.” The track is expected to drop on 31 October (Halloween). It is being published as an independent release without the influence of the corporate music industry. Sultry, stylish, sleek and writhing with groove, “Illumination” proves that Tremble is a modern music project to watch closely.

The sound of “Illumination” is shadowy, pulsing, ultra-cool and more than a little beautiful. It’s classy nightclub music, music to enjoy behind wraparound shades. It’s music to hack computers to. It’s sexy music, with a subtle undercurrent of masculine verve beneath the crystalline, silky singing of front-woman Kelly Sweet. Tremble’s female and male traits blend rather than contrast, not unlike the electronica of Depeche Mode or Bowie’s “Earthling” collaboration with Trent Reznor.

“We are inspired by old and new,” writes Tremble. “We particularly love the ’90s trip-hop sound of artists like Massive Attack, Portishead and bands that combine real instruments and electronics from that era, like Garbage. We also love electro-pop artists of today, like James Blake, and Banks.”

This live-instrument aspect is chief to the feel of Tremble’s music. Every sound is played by a musician, not an iProgram. That’s a real Fender Rhodes you’re hearing. That’s a guitar with a pedal effect on it. Those are live drums. The natural acoustics of the music coalesce in ways the most sophisticated software can’t emulate. In this way Tremble are closer to Slowdive than they are to Sneaker Pimps.

Behind Kelly Sweet are instrumentalists Haywire and Ajax. Each of the three are originally from Massachusetts but have lived in Los Angeles for some time now, writing, playing and producing both together and in numerous side projects, a number of which have received widespread radio circulation. Each has been playing music virtually from birth. Each is startlingly skilled in balancing excellent performance with just the right amount of restraint.

The result is that Tremble’s songs exhibit good taste in every respect: lyrics, creativity, execution, studio production – name it, they got it right. Passion without melodrama, solid beats without monotony, exceptional singing without ostentation, “Illumination” from Tremble is music you can hear on repeat many, many times and continue to find new perspectives from which to thrill. calls Tremble “like quickly taking a shot of neon blue hypnotic hard liquor. In slow motion.” Yeah. It’s like that.

For fans of great songwriting, too, Kelly Sweet’s talent is refreshing in a modern era that has all but tossed out poetry in music altogether.

“’Illumination’ is about escaping from a bad relationship,” Sweet writes. “You realize that your partner is not whom he says he is. You have that sense of clarity, that moment of ‘illumination’ where you are finally living your truth, being free.”

Her lyrics, like her singing, are natural and intuitive. Each phrase belongs where it is, exactly so, and the chanteuse brings them to life with tones that are sensuous and warm, yet delivered with a scalpel’s precision that implies an unwavering power. The music fan gets the impression Sweet could belt out an Ave Maria that would call angels if she wanted to – but that would be far too obvious.

Neither Sweet nor Tremble are in the spectacle business. They’re not a towering wave. They’re the undertow.

“Illumination” by Tremble is available online worldwide 31 October 2015. Get in early, music fans. Very early.

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