Rapper Sparkadiss releases new official single ‘Never Gonna Give Up’

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known as Sparkadiss has released his latest official single, “Never Gonna Give Up” feat. BR. The pop single has been proudly published on the True Music, LLC independent record label without the support, inclusion or direction of the corporate music industry. Warm, upbeat, full of energy and bursting with bass-driven rhythm, “Never Gonna Give Up” showcases Sparkadiss as a creative and colorful MC for the 21st century.

Sparkadiss cites as chief artistic influences the Beastie Boys, Eminem, Jay Z, and the Fugees. His own sound and style on “Never Gonna Give Up” blends the funky, bluesy, gritty tones of the 1990s with an updated, contemporary mainstream flavor which will appeal to fans of hip hop young and old alike.

Asked to describe the overall themes of “Never Gonna Give Up” feat. BR, Sparkadiss writes simply and in capital letters, “NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.”

The Aspen-based musician has been variously described as mainly a “Colorado Music Producer and Artist,” but also “A Professional Athlete,” and “A Mountain Man.”

The current official bio of Sparkadiss paints him as something of a maverick, saying, “He Lives Life on the Edge, One Day At A Time…”

Sparkadiss has been called “The most underrated artist of all time, still relatively unknown as a household name.”

Live performances by Sparkadiss continue to keep his name at the front of the Colorado scene, however.

As one source puts it, “In the underground nightclub and hip hop scene, he holds it down, keeping the show lit and the crowd dancing! Night after night!”

“Never Gonna Give Up” from Sparkadiss and feat. BR is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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