LindblOOm releases new album ‘Lady Opium’

The songwriters and producers of rock known as Lindbloom have released their latest official album, “Lady Opium.” The album contains eight original Lindbloom tracks for an approximate total listening time of 35 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Funky, riffing, and surgically precise in its musicianship, “Lady Opium” showcases the Lindbloom crew as one of the most intriguing rock groups of the year so far and promises that they have plenty more where that came from.

Much about “Lady Opium” and Lindbloom (often stylized LindblOOm) can be understood by noting the legendary pedigree of the band members. Göran Edman provides vocals (Yngwie Malmsteen), Morgan Ågren beats percussion (Frank Zappa), Samuel Olsson performs on keys (Joe Lynn Turner) and Jonathan Olsson slaps very prominent bass lines (Dynazty, Pain). The band is headed by guitarist Magnus Lindbloom, for whom “Lady Opium” is his first solo LP record. His musical vocabulary and technique have been celebrated by none other than guitar virtuoso Greg Howe.

The result of this veteran melange sounds much like one might imagine: classic prog rock performed with the mindset of jazz players. To put it another way, Lindbloom sound like Robin Trower, Grand Funk Railroad, or a pared-down Mahavishnu Orchestra, but updated for the 21st century and a great deal less ostentatious. They have been described as, “the real deal. Genuine and unique handcrafted music extracted from real life with no safety nets or ready-made templates. Open your heart and soul and let Lindbloom’s music speak to you.”

Stockholm, Sweden’s Lindbloom cite as main artistic influences Led Zeppelin, Rival Sons, Deep Purple, Fu Manchu, John Coltrane, Cobham, and (yes) Mahavishnu Orchestra. Lindbloom’s own sound takes elements from each of these and adds something fresh and unique for a result unlike anything today’s music fans have heard before. With an emphasis on pristine performances, expert songwriting and undeniable emotional effect, “Lady Opium” by Lindbloom has a little something for every rock fan.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “Lady Opium,” Lindbloom’s label responds, “When we become one with Lindbloom’s music our pain becomes easier to handle, our laughs get louder and our love stronger. Together we recognize and understand ourselves and can share our inner love with each other.”

Lady Opium” by Lindbloom is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, rock fans.

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Alt-rocker Paula Punch releases new single ‘Move Over’

Australian alt-rocker Paula Punch has released her new official single, “Move Over.” The track comes on the heels of her popular December 2018 single, “Tonight,” August 2018 track, “Holy Water,” and her debut LP album, “Don’t Look Down,” which also dropped summer of ’18. Like the rest of her rapidly growing repertoire, “Move Over” has been proudly published on the Punch Park indie label without strings to the corporate music industry. Bluesy, rocking, and featuring a root-pure blend of acoustic and clean electric sounds beneath raw, heartfelt vocals, “Move Over” is the latest example of Paula Punch’s rise skyward .

Sydney’s Paula Punch has cited as influences Annie Lennox, Joni Mitchell, Chrissy Hind, Francoise Hardy, Bob Dylan, Ed Kuepper and Ron Sexsmith. Paula Punch’s style has range, moving from release to release with occasionally startling alacrity, and she has hinted that she expects her body of work after “Don’t Look Down” to shift. If “Move Over” represents this change, it’s one toward classic blues rock more than toward her more ’90s alternative tendencies, as the above roster of legends suggests.

In any case, captained by Punch’s strong, yet unassuming vocals, and backed by poppy bass lines and subtle, ’60s-style organ chords (think Monkees) “Move Over” by Paula Punch showcases her uniquely natural songwriting and tasteful studio production perhaps more than ever.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “Move Over,” Paula Punch writes, “It speaks about a woman taking control of her life, and coming into her own power.”

This theme of feminine empowerment is one which runs throughout the Punch catalog. This makes sense, seeing as how Punch writes music organically and often gets inspiration from her own experiences, which happen to run in this vein.

I thought it was too late for me to release my music, but I soon realized that I was the main one stopping me!” writes Punch in a recent press release. “That was a turning point. I am now determined to release and perform my own music whatever. I also felt it was time to help make a cultural change – to be an example that you can make music at any age.”

Punch also sings for her live band, The Fireflys, featuring Robin Gist on electric guitar, Marko Simec on keyboards, Mike Rix on bass and Tim O’Driscoll on drums. The Fireflys will perform at the “Move Over” launch party at Django Camelot 7 February 2019.

Move Over” by Paula Punch on the Punch Park label is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early. Very early.

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Rocker Cathy Richardson releases new single ‘What I Am’

The rock singer known as Cathy Richardson has released her latest solo single, “What I Am.” The track is her most prominent solo release since 2006, an upbeat, catchy, incredibly empowering rock single with which fans of many music genres will identify and instantly love.

Richardson is perhaps best known for her work as front woman for Jefferson Starship, in which role she helped bring about the legendary band’s first full-length record in over a decade, “Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty,” in 2008. The year before saw Richardson singing lead for Janis Joplin’s Big Brother and the Holding Co. alongside Joplin’s original band members on the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Tour.

“When Richardson pours her magnificent, flexible voice into one of Joplin’s signature numbers,” says the San Francisco Chronicle, “the experience is more real than any live recording ever captured.”

Grammy nominee and four-time DIY Music Award winner Cathy Richardson has been called “the best female voice in rock today.” She has published no fewer than seven official releases with her universally loved group, the Cathy Richardson Band, the earliest record going back to 1993’s “Moon, Not Banana.” Another project for which she sings, the Macrodots, has been steadily adding to their loyal fan base since their 2010 LP, “The Other Side.” The Macrodots’ sophomore LP is expected to drop in coming months, also.

Michael Allison of the Global Muse calls Cathy Richardson “one of the most interesting and inspirational singer/songwriters that I’ve heard. This music is simply amazing and as off the wall and unpredictable as anything I could imagine.”

Richardson’s new “What I Am” single has been turning the heads of audiophiles in every music genre since its appearance on 2 November worldwide. For this capital release Richardson signed to the popular Australian independent label, Chance MUSIC, which is rapidly gaining prominence at home and around the world.

Commenting on the themes of her new “What I Am” track, Richardson writes, “Like anyone, I struggle with insecurities, that push and pull of confidence and self doubt. Whether onstage or in daily life, for me, it’s really about not being afraid to shine my brightest and own my awesomeness.”

The idea isn’t about self-aggrandizement, however. Richardson’s goal for her music is to make life warmer for everyone, everywhere.

“When you step into your greatness,” she says, “you elevate the vibration of the world around you. You literally make the world a better place. That’s the message I would most like to instill in my kids, and when I hear them singing along to every word – and they don’t even know what some of the words mean, yet – it brings a tear to my eye. In my dreams, people across the world are singing ‘What I Am’ as a love song to themselves.”

“What I Am” by Cathy Richardson from Chance MUSIC is available online worldwide. Get in early, music fans. Be sure also not to miss the official music video (link provided below).

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The Vodka Tourists release album ‘Almost Abandoned’

The purveyors of rock music known as the Vodka Tourists have released their latest EP record, “Almost Abandoned.” The EP has been proudly published on the Pontmorlais Records independent music label. At seven tracks and nearly 30 minutes long, it represents a comprehensive introduction to this striking rock group from south London. Originally released in June of 2014, “Almost Abandoned” is a real, modern incarnation of the true rock spirit which persists in the best groups from one era to the next.

Vodka Tourist leader John Hill has cited as main artistic influences such titans of the sound as the Byrds, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and the Church. While elements of each are present in “Almost Abandoned,” it is perhaps a blend of the Byrds and the Church which most closely resembles the general mode and tone of Hill’s songwriting and delivery.

The Vodka Tourists’ minimalistic, (almost) low-fi approach to studio recording will endear this record to fans of power pop and alt-rock bands like Dramarama and the Replacements, while his unstoppably natural songwriting will inspire awe in anyone with an ear for the craft. Fans of verve-charged and versatile classic-rock groups such as the Kinks, the Animals and the Zombies will also appreciate Hill’s straightforward, kick-through-the-fence songwriting. A simple visit to the Vodka Tourists’ official Soundcloud site is likely to guarantee a new fan within moments (link provided below).

Asked to describe what “Almost Abandoned”’s overall theme might be, Hill writes, “[It’s] the message of the power of timeless, guitar-driven music that will take you back to a special time and place or transport you forward to a place that’s yet to be discovered.”

The Vodka Tourists’ current official bio reads:

“The Vodka Tourists is the brainchild of John Hill, who writes, records, performs and produces all the material from a studio in the depths of south London. The VT’s sound reflects The John’s strong Celtic roots, particularly in the imagery of the lyrics.Chiming guitars mixed with haunting lyrics and melodies that stir images of loss and melancholy are the classic hallmarks of the VT’s sound.”

“Almost Abandoned” by the Vodka Tourists is available online worldwide. Get in early, rock fans. Very early.

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