Fox Nigon releases new single ‘The Game Is Over’

The songwriter and producer of rock and modern blues known as Fox Nigon has released his latest official single, “The Game Is Over.” The single has been released in both an extended edition and one edited for radio, as well as with an official music video available for viewing now (link provided below). It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Evocative, heartfelt and sad in a way modern blues often is not, “The Game Is Over” showcases Fox Nigon as one of the most intriguing blues artists of the year so far and promises he has plenty more where that came from.

Originally from Lorraine, France, Fox Nigon cites as main artistic influences Joe Cocker, Banners, Ed Sheeran, Simply Red, James Blunt, David Bowie, Blondie, Tina Turner, and even Bob Marley. Nigon’s own sound takes elements from several of these – particularly Joe Cocker, with whom he shares a gritty yet natural vocal texture – and adds a unique tenderness for a result blues fans worldwide will appreciate. With an emphasis on delicate piano, hypnotic harmonies, and surprisingly intimate lead singing, “The Game Is Over” by Fox Nigon has a little something for every blues fan.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “The Game Is Over,” Fox Nigon writes, “This song tells the usual story of 50-year old men looking for changes in their life, especially their love lives. These changes often come to destroy what really matters to them, wife, children, family, friends … What they have spent all their lives to build!”

Today, Fox Nigon writes and composes in Spain, records in France (Toulouse) and in the UK (Cheltenham and Liverpool). He mainly performs in Europe. “The Game Is Over” has enjoyed universal critical acclaim, perhaps most notably from Rolling Stone Magazine. Fox Nigon speaks often about the importance of his lyrics to his music, particularly with regard to a stroke he suffered in 2007 which, in addition to inspiring much of the music from his first record, also led him to found France AVC, an organization for stroke research and prevention.

Fox Nigon’s current bio concludes: “Today, he shares with us his dark vision of the world, but always full of hope. With very personal lyrics, neat music, and a particular voice, this dark crooner who never leaves his hat and sunglasses found his true style after a stay in Liverpool, where he plunged back into the sources of rock and English pop.”

The Game Is Over” is arranged by Matt Butler. The official video for “The Game Is Over” is directed by French filmmaker Florent Charles.

Fox Nigon’s “The Game Is Over” is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, modern blues fans.

-S. McCauley

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Guitar legend Paul Brett releases new blues collection ’12 String Blues Power’

The living legend of guitar known as Paul Brett has released his latest LP album, a dazzling collection titled “12 String Blues Power.” Like all Brett’s recent material, the album has been proudly published on the Viral Discs and Downloads independent record label. Boasting 12 tracks for an approximate listening time of 30 minutes, Brett’s new record brings fans new and old his razor-sharp renditions of classic standards such as “Rock Island Line,” “Sweet Home Chicago” and “Black Betty.” Raw, real, sizzling-hot and featuring Brett’s inimitably evocative vocals, “12 String Blues Power” by Paul Brett isn’t just the best blues record of 2015 so far – it’s a legitimate historical event.

Paul Brett’s music has dipped into many different genres over the years, particularly those most associated with the classic rock groups of the late 1960s and ’70s. He has notably played the blues, folk, rock, psychedelic, and acoustic music, and is also an avid fan of classical. Having been globally recognized as one of the top 12-string guitarists for over four decades, Brett’s musical resume borders on the unbelievable.

As a session player in high demand, Paul Brett has performed, written and/or recorded with such legends as the Strawbs, the Overlanders, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, the Velvet Opera, Tintern Abbey, Fire, Roy Harper, Al Stewart, Lonnie Donegan, Tom Newman (“Tubular Bells”), Mott the Hoople, Motorhead, Mungo Jerry, Manfred Mann, the Savoy Brown Blues Band, John Mayall, Rod Stewart & the Faces, Quintessence, Keith Ralph (Yardbirds), Jimmy James & the Vagabonds, Steve Holley (Wings), Andrew Lloyd Webber, Julian Lloyd Webber, Jimi Hendrix, John Renbourn, the Who, Van der Graaf Generator, Motorhead, Paul Brett Sage – and quite literally scores of other world-famous musicians not here listed – as well as simply in his own right as Paul Brett.

He has his own range of signature guitars distributed worldwide by Vintage Guitars and has written as a music journalist for Melody Maker, NME, Sound International and International Musician. He is the resident expert on vintage acoustic guitars for the UK’s Acoustic Magazine, and currently operates as festival director for the Llyn Acoustic Guitar Festival in North Wales.

Paul Brett’s most recent endeavors find him piloting a record label with Tom Newman, co-founder of Virgin Records and producer of Mike Oldfield’s seminal platinum album, “Tubular Bells.” Together they are undertaking several projects in the educational arena, including the recording of classic albums played by schoolchildren. Their popular “Tubular Bells” rendition as performed by the Children of Ireland appeared on digital shelves worldwide in 2013 and has been turning heads ever since.

“12 String Blues Power” by Paul Brett is available online worldwide beginning 20 June 2015. Get in early, blues fanatics and audiophiles. Very early.

-S. McCauley
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