R ‘n’ B group MarLewTown releases new EP ‘They Call Us’


The R ‘n’ B music group from Palm Beach County, FL known as MarLewTown is releasing their newest EP album on MommaMac Enterprise records, titled, “They Call Us.” The album comprises the most official representation of the band published worldwide, and contains some of the most impressive writing and performing the artists have recorded to date.

“This EP is an introduction to MarLewTown,” the band writes. “We want everyone to share our vibrational energy and connect with us on all levels through our music.”

This connection is instantly felt upon listening to the record the first time through. Partially orchestrated and sung in the style of traditional, Motown-style rhythm and blues, MarLewTown’s EP is infused with the best qualities of classic acts such as The Temptations and The Four Tops, but fortified also with the confidence and aggression of more modern artists such as Beyonce, R. Kelly, and Kanye West. The result of this atypical mix is a combination of old-school class and explosive, contemporary swagger that is thrilling, arresting, and immediately enjoyable as soon as one hits ‘play.’

“We are very eclectic in nature and appreciate all forms of music,” writes MarLewTown of their unique style on “They Call Us.”

The MarLewTown trio are a crew of siblings, whose stage monikers, “The Coldest,” “The Most,” and “The Fire” correspond to brothers Mello T. and Silva C., and to sister Woosie Kat, respectively. As their new EP clearly demonstrates, each of them is capable of singing and rapping without hesitation or flaw, and their writing exceeds the quality of modern music by a good clip.

“They say it’s 50/50 in relationships,” sings chanteuse Woosie Kat in their single, “50/50;” “I don’t want in if half is all I get,” the line goes. Coming in with a gorgeous three-part harmony, the chorus continues, “I want more you. Half the effort just won’t do.”

Artists of exceptional taste and musical capacity, MarLewTown’s seemingly endless talent goes all the way to the bone.

“We have been groomed from the womb,” they say of this. “Music runs through our veins.”

MarLewTown’s EP “They Call Us” is available online worldwide beginning April 1, 2013.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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