Katie Hampton releases EP “Deep in the Rust”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Katie Hampton has released her new EP “Deep in the Rust”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Katie Hampton has released her new EP “Deep in the Rust.” The extended-play album is the newest and most official release from Hampton (although she is also noted for singing the theme for the popular ABC television program, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23”). The album, which was written by Hampton in collaboration with composer Steve Hampton, her father, is one of the most genuine records to come out of the singer-songwriter genre in perhaps many years, and represents the very best qualities of music produced by a small number of contributors.


The most obvious characteristic of “Deep in the Rust” is the clarity and chiming tone of Hampton, herself, whose lilting voice is delicate without sounding vulnerable, direct without seeming aggressive. Stylistically, she is in the same vocal category as great modern chanteuses like Regina Spektor, Lily Allen and Feist; however, where these excellent acts wield their respective stylistic nuances with great ostentation, the earnest beauty of Katie Hampton’s voice, combined with her natural and unadorned personal style, sets her apart.


This quality persists throughout each composition on “Deep in the Rust,” too. Everything from the individual notes to the chosen instruments, the effects-free engineering to the phrasing of the lyrics, sounds absolutely and plainly genuine. It is difficult to tell where this trait comes natural to the Hamptons and where it has been conscientiously designed – if indeed it were designed at all.
They write of their project, “The core of this EP is integrity and creativity. We wrote what we felt, and didn’t have an end-goal in mind. We tried to write songs with honest, identifiable lyrics and inventive instrumentation.”

In fact, the “inventive” instrumentation and composition is striking. Expect unlikely brass in carefree measures, unpredictable chord progressions, haunted-mansion vibes that sneak up on the listener and burst from the shadows into an impromptu, New-Orleans jazz bridge in the (supposedly) inimitable tradition of second-line music.

Katie Hampton’s “Deep in the Rust” EP is a shocking discovery and deserves every music fan’s attention. It is sure to presage a long line of LP records from her, and if they prove to be one whit the album this one clearly is, then the scene will be that much happier for having known her “when.”

“Deep in the Rust” is available online worldwide beginning February 4, 2013.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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