Announcing: Break These Chains Music Video by Master Mark featuring K-Rino

Announcing: Break These Chains Music Video by Master Mark featuring K-Rino

Hip hop artist Master Mark took the gardening world by storm with his recent “Gardening is Gangsta” Music Video.  Today he released Break These Chains, a song about the invisible chains that keep us in bondage.  Mark believes these metaphorical chains have been used to turn modern society into one giant slave plantation.

Mark argues that there is a spiritual realm that coexists with our physical realm, “It’s real, it’s there and it’s important.  If you are not aware of it’s existence then YOU ARE ASLEEP!”

The typical image of a slave brings up memories of whips and actual chains, but Mark says credit card debt, mortgages, car notes, and student loan debt, are the modern day slave’s new chains. Parking tickets, late fees, overdraft fees, over the limit fees, taxes, etc.. serve the same purpose that the whips and lashings once served.

Instead of plantation owners, we have politicians and militarized police who are still as violent and brutal as ever.  In fact, modern policing was developed to return slaves to their owners before and during the Civil War. Mark argues that new slave masters are elected by the slave population under the guise of a Democrat Republican form of government that creates a false illusion of freedom.

“Stop playing their silly democrat/ republican games.  This is so blasphemous!  A bunch of old men dressed up in suits trying to create division within the masses to protect the corporatocracy that they created out of our once great nation.  Ignore them.  Don’t vote.  Their phony system will then soon come to an end.” – Master Mark

According to Mark the public school systems and television programming contribute to the slave-like mind state of modern Americans. This upbringing convinces people that they are free, even though they are met with force and theft at every turn.  Mark gives the analogy of a no seat belt ticket;

“Say you get a no seat belt ticket for $300 and you pay it.  And say you work hard every day for $60 per day after taxes and deductions.  A $300 ticket equals 5 days of work.  So you had to serve 5 hard days of work for free just because this cop wanted to protect and serve you.  You were just sentenced to be a slave to the system.”

The message Mark brings with this video is that you don’t have to wear these chains. They are voluntary. Stay out of credit card debt by not getting credit cards, or stop using them if you have them. Eliminate all debt in your life and stop taking on new debt. If you cannot pay cash you cannot afford it.

In the video there is a fight sequence. Mark says the fight scenes represent the spiritual battle that goes on inside each and every one of us.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  -Ephesians 6:12

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