Jova release debut EP ‘Colours that Will Run’



The progressive rock crew from Sydney, Australia called Jova have released their widely anticipated debut EP record, “Colours that Will Run.” The album is comprised of five original tracks for nearly a half hour’s worth of listening. A full-bodied, entrancing and passionate listening experience, “Colours that Will Run” serves as a wake-up call for music fans not yet acquainted with the remarkable trio of artists, and an aggressive reassertion of rock ideals which have largely been missing from modern music at large.


Jova has been likened to acts such as Queens of the Stone Age, Sigur Ros, and A Perfect Circle. Jova, themselves, cite as main artistic influences Tom Waits and the Mars Volta. Though proudly billed as a prog- rock band, Jova’s darkly towering sound maintains attributes of alternative and grunge rock bands such as Tool and early Stone Temple Pilots, with vocals which fall somewhere between Scott Weiland’s California grunge and Layne Staley’s bluesy drawl.


Pounding, warlike drums and electrified, in-your-face bass lines act lead Jova’s music easily as much as their screaming, pared-down single guitar and violently poetic vocal work. Their guitar tone utilizes strong, thick effects which somehow do not occlude the natural sound of the instrument, and Jova occasionally augment this with the eclectic use of a piano, cello bow, or finger playing in the style of classical music guitarists.


Having enjoyed and made great use of a regular residency at Sydney’s LiveHouse venue, Jova’s dependably explosive live performances have gained an unshakable reputation that will follow them throughout their career.
The Sydney Unleashed Review describes Jova: “Their music is hypnotic, with tribal rhythms and haunting guitar work that sends you into your own little world … with potential to reach an international standard, they are worthy of supporting an international band such as Tool.”


“Colours that Will Run” by Jova is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer





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