Experimental Moog mastermind Stark Sound Lab releases ‘Wally’s Woes’ single

Stark Sound Lab has released his newest electronica single, “Wally’s Woes.” The track is the tenth official release to come from Canada’s Stark Records independent music label. Marked by driving percussion, fugue-like chord progressions and SSL’s inimitable Moog melodies, “Wally’s Woes” proves Stark Sound Lab to be among the most inventive electronica artists for 2017.

In the past Stark Sound Lab has cited as inspirations such legends as Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Hans Zimmer, Brian Eno, and Keith Emerson – Emerson being ever-present in “Wally’s Woes” – but SSL insists that music artists are not the source from which their latest track has sprung.

“In the case of ‘Wally’s Woes,’ there were no outside musical influences, just a gut-wrenching emotional reaction,” writes Stark Sound Lab. “Wally’s Woes is a very emotional song that was written, performed and recorded while our mascot, Wally (four-year-old Boston Terrier) was in hospital fighting for his life after being poisoned.”

The track was recorded live using vintage, highly prized Moog keyboards: a System 55, a Voyager and a Model 15, each of which instruments boasts its own fan club around the world. It was dedicated to Wally the dog at Stark Records’ website while he was still suffering from his illness.

“Wally is a shining star at Stark Sound Lab, barking at delivery vans and welcoming visitors,” writes Stark Sound Lab. “Our hearts sank knowing he might not return to us. So we did everything we could, got him the best veterinarian, prayed, and wrote music in his honour.”

It has been surmised that poisoned dog treats had been left on the sidewalk in a random act of malice. Thanks to Stark Sound Lab – and an excellent vet – this black intent has had the opposite effect of giving enjoyment to music lovers everywhere in the form of this raw, powerfully evocative, electronic prog-pop single, “Wally’s Woes.”

And after all, there is a happy ending.

“Our prayers were answered when Wally was able to leave hospital and join us once again. It was truly a Christmas Miracle that Wally survived and is now with us again watching over Stark Sound Lab.”

“Wally’s Woes” is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music outlets now. Get in early.

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Rob Erickson releases new LP ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’

The singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist known as Rob Erickson has released his new LP gospel record, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” The album is the sophomore release from Erickson, whose debut “Just Passin’ Thru” LP appeared on digital shelves worldwide in September of 2013. Featuring Erickson’s signature blend of jazz, rock, country, gospel music and much, much more, “Whatcha Gonna Do?” is an original Christian music LP unlike any other.

Erickson has cited as main artistic influences such legends of songwriting and groove as Monty Alexander, Oscar Peterson, the Beatles, Cream, Blood Sweat and Tears, Stevie Wonder, and Chicago. His own record has its deepest roots in the highly creative, devil-may-care genre of jazz music, however, though its sound is not overtly jazz. Like jazz, the style of his music takes on different shapes according to his desired emotional effect.

Perhaps surprisingly for what is largely billed as a gospel album, this effect is often comedic on “Whatchu Gonna Do?” This is a rich and rewarding blend, as it turns out, such as in “Rearranging the Deck Chairs,” which manages to be genuine and tongue-in-cheek at the same time as Erickson does some lighthearted soul-searching in the course of a patio task. Of course, many tracks such as “Lord of Life” and “Redeemed” treat their celestial topic more directly, as does the title track “Whatcha Gonna Do?” the crux of which is described very well by the art on the album’s cover.

Asked to describe the message his record has for listeners, Erickson writes that it carries a “Gospel message of salvation utilizing my background in jazz, pop, and gospel music.” He adds, “It also displays my sometimes-warped sense of humor.”

Rob Erickson is a retired law-enforcement officer with thirty years on the force. All of the tracks on his LP with the exception of two are Erickson originals. Every instrument on the record (except the saxophone) has been played by the artist, himself.

“Whatcha Gonna Do?” by Rob Erickson is available online retailers worldwide, as well as from his official website via Bandcamp (link provided below). His debut record, “Just Passin’ Thru,” is also still available with 10% of all profits from it going to the Houston Food Band to feed hungry families in Houston, TX.

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Rock band Matyas & the Hybrid Mind release new EP ‘The Mornings’

The crew of rockers from Hungary known as Matyas and the Hybrid Mind have released their new EP record, “The Mornings.” The record has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Usually billed as pop rock but equally accessible to fans of alternative jazz or even adult contemporary music, “The Mornings” by Matyas and the Hybrid Mind is a piano-driven pop record of a quality one doesn’t hear often.

Hybrid Mind bandleader Matyas Bacsó is a Hungarian-born, classically-trained, award-winning pianist, singer, songwriter and composer. He cites as main artistic influences fellow pianist and composer from Hungary, Péter Máté, as well as jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, and Oscar Peterson. He names composers like Bach, Beethoven, Bartók, Strauss, and Gershwin, and rounds out his favorites with pop legends: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Abba, Queen, Stevie Wonder…

As this list might suggest, “The Mornings” by Matyas and the Hybrid Mind is a synergy of moods, modes and tones. The early work of Elvis Costello comes to mind, as well as the best piano music by Joe Jackson. Nothing like it is currently being produced anywhere in the world.

“As far as I remember I always wanted to be a pianist,” Matyas writes of his start in music. “When I was seven I started learning to play the piano. Very soon after I was already composing my first pieces. A few years later I got into singing and very much enjoyed that I could accompany myself on the piano.”

Particularly notable about “The Mornings” is that it contains two bonus tracks written in the songwriter’s native Hungarian. Even more interesting is that the EP represents his first collection of songs written in English, and certainly the listener could never suspect it.

But what of ‘the Hybrid Mind?’

“The name ‘Hybrid Mind’ comes from Matyas’ dilemma of not wanting to limit himself to a particular genre,” the band writes. “As he describes it, ‘When I had to play classical music I wanted to play popular music. When I played popular music I was hoping get into jazz, and after I got into jazz I started to miss classical music.’ Eventually he realized that he is a ‘hybrid mind,’ and in his music he is combining elements of various genres: pop-rock, jazz, funk, R&B, instrumental and classical music.”

Founded in 2013, Matyas and the Hybrid Mind are based in Colchester, UK. The band members met at the Colchester Institute where they were working towards their degree in music. They became friends, then band mates. Matyas writes their material and collaborates lyrically with member Peter Scott-Presland, an accomplished lyricist from London.

“The Mornings” by Matyas and the Hybrid Mind is available online worldwide. Get in early.

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Talfi releases new EP ‘Premier Concert’

The pianist and composer known as Talfi has released his latest EP record, “Premier Concert.” The EP is composed of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, making for a roundly comprehensive treatment of the artist’s material. It has been proudly published without financial or managerial support from the corporate music industry. Tastefully rendered, masterfully executed and wildly creative, “Premier Concert” is jazz piano for music fans who appreciate playing guided by explosively colorful imagination.


Talfi’s musical mind is inspired by a broad variety of legendary performers, being rooted in the triumvirate of Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven, but liberated by blues players such as Sonny Boy Williamson and the Blues Brothers. Talfi’s characteristic mode of playing is infused with the post-ragtime stride style of Fats Waller, and extremely fluid and active without passing into ostentation. This last quality he takes from the agile jazz of Oscar Peterson, whom Duke Ellington called the “Maharaja of keyboards.”


A born Parisian, Talfi was raised in nearby Chartres and began studies in piano at the age of six. He proved to be a natural player, excelling ahead of his peers, but found musical academia unsuited to him at the age of 14 and commenced practicing on his own. After finding his other studies also incompatible, he joined the military and began learning drums, trombone, and other brass instruments. After returning to France, Talfi enrolled at a music school in Tours.


“I would say that I did not learn much there,” he writes of this. “I was having fun with friends, though.”


Meanwhile, he was also training himself to play harmonica, which he continued to practice in earnest for an entire decade. In 2013, he rededicated himself to the piano and began improvising “on the same grid for an hour every day.” These practice sessions would eventually result in his new EP, the “Premier Concert” (or “First Concert”). A second record is also already in the works.


“Nowadays,” he writes, “I continue with the same pace, and there are already three songs in the ‘Deuxième Concert,’ which is coming up … Hopefully, you will be inspired.”


“Premier Concert” by Talfi is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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Karen Clancy Releases Self-Titled New Album

Album Cover, “Karen Clancy”

Karen Clancy, a blues singer/songwriter from Florida, has released her first LP, self-titled. “The album, Karen Clancy, is a culmination of a life that has always had a soundtrack,” says Clancy.

Karen Clancy in the Studio

The record showcases her adroit, tender handling of traditional blues tenets while remaining a modern interpretation of classic, deep-south undertones. The album is markedly comprehensive, boasting rich components of jazz, classical, and Irish folk music, and marks the beginning of her available catalog.

Her collaboration with Mark Hodgson inspired the inclusion of several blues classics, such as Bessie Smith’s “Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home,” Rosa Henderson’s “Don’t Advertise Your Man,” and the standard, “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out.”

Geoff Weeks accompanies on the piano, of which performance Clancy has said, “His talent must be mentioned fervently…these songs came to life in his hands.”

“Back in the Day” is Clancy’s memoir of growing up on the beachside of New Smyrna: “Back in the day I used to sneak, underage, into the local clubs to hear Southwire, a band in which Billy Chapin played guitar. Who would’ve thought all these years later I would be recording my first album in his studio?”

Of the Gaelic influence on her work Clancy writes, “As the youngest of ten Clancy siblings it is difficult to ignore the Irish influence written into my DNA. ‘She Moved Through The Fair’ is a nod to that history while breaking with tradition using the Universal Energy of the Sitar as an accompaniment, played beautifully by Rick deYampert.”

Clancy’s influences include Bessie Smith, Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Ethel Waters, Stephane Grapelli, and Big Mama Thornton.

She has performed at myriad locales, including New Smyrna Beach, Miami, Key West, Tampa, New Orleans, Houston, Colorado, Chicago, D.C., Vermont, Hana, Madrid, Bruges, Paris, and Venice.

The LP “Karen Clancy” is available for purchase and download from iTunes, or at her website, http://www.karenclancy.net.

Hear her first at http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/karenclancy

Karen Clancy



4615 Doris Drive

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