J.S. Tolar releases new alt-prog album ‘Dark Eternal Future’

The alternative prog-rock artist known as J.S. Tolar has released his latest official full-length album, “Dark Eternal Future.” The LP contains 13 original J.S. Tolar tracks for an approximate total listening time of over an hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Project M.E.L. record label. Evocative, carefully written, and charged with surgically precise studio production, “Dark Eternal Future” brings J.S. Tolar in a darkly pleasant package fans of any rock genre can get behind.

Virginia’s J.S. Tolar cites as main artistic influences Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Katatonia, TesseracT, The Pineapple Thief, and Anathema. Fans of groups like Tool, Opeth, Blackfield, Dream Theater or even King Crimson are sure to find plenty to enjoy in “Dark Eternal Future.”

An almost entirely narrative record, “Dark Eternal Future” tells its story with clarity and cohesion. Concept albums often get sneers from pop fans, but J.S. Tolar’s new record manages to be approachable by casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

Asked to describe the meanings of “Dark Eternal Future,” Tolar writes, “It shares the story of The Visionary and his discovery of everlasting life and his brutal act of forcing it onto others. It shares different points of view from those affected and the crumbling world before them.”

J.S. Tolar’s current official bio describes him as “a solo artist who meanders between the rock and metal genres … featuring lashings of progressive influence.” It also mentions his penchant for drawing from “other dark multimedia projects, with the psychological horror video game, ‘Silent Hill,’ also playing a pivotal role in how he injects anxiety-inducing atmosphere into his projects.” His music has elsewhere been called a “canvas for the dark, cerebral energy that lays dormant within his mind until it is transcribed to notes and melodies.”

The man, himself, has said music is his “solace” and “guide for finding a way out of hard life events.”

I’ve always found that music has a profound ability to offer perspective and hope to an otherwise dreary situation,” Tolar says of this.

J.S. Tolar also works in a project fronted by Tess Savigear called Visions of Nell who have a release expected sometime in 2020.

Dark Eternal Future” by J.S. Tolar on the Project M.E.L. label is available online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-prog fans.

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J.S. Tolar releases new single ‘Ghost Within’

The composer, producer and performer of epic-scale rock music known as J.S. Tolar has released his latest single, “Ghost Within.” The track has been proudly published as an independent release without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. Boasting nearly 10 minutes of highly narrative and immersive music, “Ghost Within” from J.S. Tolar not only approaches the depth and scope of an EP in its own right, but easily succeeds as one of the most significant rock singles of Q1 2015 at large.

J.S. Tolar has cited as main artistic influences Dream Theater, Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Pineapple Thief, Porcupine Tree, and Katatonia. As might be inferred from this eclectic, distinguished list, his own music has a high amount of ambient texture and an even more prominently deliberate composition. Melodic, fecund, extremely atmospheric and approaching the epic scale of the great rock operas in terms of both storytelling and emotional impact, “Ghost Within” is as intriguing as it is immediately effective, as arresting as it is fascinating.

While “Ghost Within” is a satisfying sonic journey in itself, it is merely the first offering Tolar has made available from his upcoming record, “Endless War.”

“’Ghost Within’ plays on the idea of multiple personalities and demonic possession,” writes the artist. “In this case the host has been granted immortality from the entity, but has to live with it forever.”

J.S. Tolar has been playing music since middle school, when he began on the violin. He traded this for what he has described as “a pawn-shop acoustic” guitar in high school, and quickly graduated to a Gibson Epiphone. This led him to join a plurality of bands who, along with musicians such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, helped him sculpt his style and musical character. He published his towering debut LP, “The Continuum,” in January of 2014. His sophomore project, “Endless War,” is rumored to appear early in 2016.

“Ghost Within” by J.S. Tolar is available online worldwide now. Get in early, fans of prog rock and metal alike. Very early.

Be sure also to visit his official website for music, artwork and more (link provided below).

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“Ghost Within” by J.S. Tolar –
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J.S. Tolar releases new LP ‘The Continuum’



The composer and performer of progressive heavy metal known as J.S. Tolar has released his latest LP album, titled, “The Continuum.” The album is comprised of 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour. While technically representing Tolar’s third foray into recording an official long-playing record, “The Continuum” still stands as his most prominent and polished collection of songs as a solo music artist, and in many ways may be considered his triumphant and long-awaited debut.


A shadowy, brooding record with measured amounts of aggression and intellectuality, “The Continuum” will deeply slake the thirst of a wide variety of music fans. Its blend of pianos, violins, pounding drums, chugging electric guitars and digital instrumentation is precisely orchestrated and masterfully produced, with a result that challenges the listener to thrill, to imagine and to reflect.


“The Continuum is a concept album,” writes J.S. Tolar, “that focuses on a ‘sleeper’s’ experience of a nightmarish world where his darkness within haunts him. There is an underlying theme of hope centered around a shining light seen within this world. The sleeper is drawn closer to the light with the hope that once he reaches it, he will awaken.”


Tolar cites as main artistic influences Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief and Blackfield, all of whom would make fine sonic pairings with music from “The Continuum.”


Speaking of the tones and themes of his record, Tolar writes, “I wanted to capture a feeling of darkness, but also mixed with a strong feeling of hope. I wanted the album to have different song styles for all types of listeners while still sticking to the story and feeling of what was going on in the sleeper’s world.”


In constructing his songs in a broad array of styles, Tolar has clearly succeeded. “The Continuum” is a complex, richly textured world of listening for the audiophile to sink into, yet its narrative pace remains consistent. One can feel the tale unraveling in waves of sound as the story unfolds. It’s a trip any fan of remarkable music should take.


“The Continuum” by J.S. Tolar is available online worldwide. Get in early.


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