Howard Maple releases new album ‘The Lucid Dreamer’

The producer of digital music known as Howard Maple has released his latest full-length record album, “The Lucid Dreamer.” The LP is composed of 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the support or influence of the corporate music industry. Sleek, sexy, classy and full of rhythm and bass, “The Lucid Dreamer” is Howard Maple’s most futuristic and imaginative album to date, and a dazzling introduction to his sound for audiophiles not yet acquainted.

In addition to the considerable songwriting and production talents of Howard Maple, “The Lucid Dreamer” also boasts strong, elegant vocals by Pernille Cortado, Marlene “Marla” Hansen, and Mhyst.

A true music aficionado, himself, Howard Maple’s songs bespeak an unfailing good taste that comes from his deep passion for listening. Speaking of these roots, he writes, “I listened a lot to Future Sound Of London, the ORB, the Beastie Boys, Herbert, Burial, and the Bristol trip-hop bands back in the day (Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Morcheeba…).”

An enthusiastic fan of the sound, he goes on to name some favorite labels, as well: “… Labels like Ninja Tune, with artists like Amon Tobin, the Bug, Coldcut, DJ Vadim, Funki Porcini, Mr. Scruff. Warp Records artists like Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Hudson Mohawke, Squarepusher, Nightmare on Wax, Black Dog …”

Longtime fans of legendary digital music mixers such as these will recognize the thread of high, high quality running throughout. Beside them on that top shelf, Howard Maple’s repertoire fits right in.

A polished, surgically precise album with melodies that hook and beats that drive, “The Lucid Dreamer” has elements of trance, house, ambient, and other popular postmodern music genres, but in terms of songwriting, warmth, and tone, it is all electronica, through and through. This particular brand of electronica from Howard Maple is a brilliant blend of contemporary digital styles laid down over a razor-sharp and rock-solid old-school structure. The balance of new and old makes for an infectiously enjoyable record that can easily be listened to on repeat for hours.

Howard Maple has been making digital music since he began purchasing synths and sequencers at the age of 14. His first productions were programmed in MIDI and CV/Gate. After moving to the Norwegian capital of Oslo at 19, he hooked up with some of the underground’s most influential electronica artists, including Päronsode, Folk og Røvere (Flunk), Sternklang, Perculator, Palace of pleasure, Prince Thomas, DJ Strangefruit (Mungolian Jet Set), Jaga Jazzist and many more. Since that time he has played in venues across Norway in music-loving cities such as Oslo, Arendal, Kristiansand, Stavanger, and Trondheim.

Howard Maple’s new “The Lucid Dreamer” is preceded by his “0313 Perspectives” LP, which appeared in 2013, his “Mapleism” full-length, published on the Beatservice Records label in 2003, and his “Inside” debut LP from C+C Records in 2001. All of these remarkable albums remain available from the artist’s official website (link provided below).

“The Lucid Dreamer” by Howard Maple is available online worldwide beginning 14 December 2015. Get in early, trip hop fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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Howard Maple releases new LP ‘0313 Perspectives’

The Norwegian artist of digital music known as Howard Maple has released his newest LP record, titled, “0313 Perspectives.” The album is comprised of 14 original tracks and has an approximate total playing time of 50 minutes. A comprehensive record with a broad range of tones and moods, “0313 Perspectives” is an epic treatment of Maple’s work and a fine introduction for music fans who have yet to be acquainted with his brilliant and unique style of electronic composition.

Upon pressing ‘play,’ the listener will immediately understand that Maple is not like every other producer of EDM music. Firstly, his compositions are more than strictly dance music, though they do lend themselves well to the nightclub atmosphere. This is exemplified by “Youre Hands” [sic] the first track on the record. His samples paint vivid images, tell stories, and even suggest snippets of philosophy. His album is a thought-provoking and intellectual treat for audiophiles of all tastes.

“0313 Perspectives” even touches on the border of the esoteric, bearing song titles like “As Above So Below” (a Hermetic principle of metaphysics), “Ra Comes to Conquer,” and the aptly titled, “Zen.” Other tracks are more traditional, and boast many qualities of the best 90s electronica. “Birdland” is reminiscent of The Orb’s seminal classic, “Little Fluffy Clouds,” for instance. “Signature” falls somewhere in between, being a fully narrated tale set to calming, soothing music. This marvelous blend makes for an entirely wonderful listen from beginning to end, and is sure to please a room of guests no matter what their tastes.

Regarding his goal for “0313 Perspectives,” Maple himself says, “It is a release showing what I have done for the last ten years, after my second album, ‘Mapleism’ was released, from 2003 to the present day.” Maple’s first record, ‘Inside,’ garnered him a Norwegian Grammy nomination. He has continued to put his magical ear to use in making fine music ever since. “I feel that I had to share my tracks to the world instead of letting them disappear on a hard drive,” he says. “[This album] is basically just to share my music with the world, plain and simple.”

The world is very fortunate that Maple is a sharing sort. “0313 Perspectives” by Howard Maple is available online everywhere beginning late July, early August of 2013.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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