George De Melo releases new single, “Sopa de Feijao”

The singer of Portuguese music known as George De Melo has released his newest LP album, titled, “Sopa de Feijao.”

The singer of Portuguese music known as George De Melo has released his newest LP album, titled, “Sopa de Feijao.” The album includes ten full tracks in De Melo’s own, unmatched style and with his inimitable flair, for a grand total of 40 minutes’ playing time. Joining him in this release are fellow performers Jorge Ferreira, Joe Malhoa, and Quim Barreiros.

The album is a collage of rock, country, and traditional Portugese music. De Melo’s lyrics are sometimes sentimental, but often extremely lighthearted and amusing, sometimes positively comical. His singing is rich and natural, warm and excellent to hear. His tone is an unlikely mix of debonaire and devil-may-care, like a cross between the voices and attitudes of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, although in Portuguese, of course.

Although he sings in his native tongue of Portuguese, George De Melo was not born on the mainland Iberian peninsula where Spain is located. Rather, he is a born national of the Azores volcanic archipelago that is located approximately 1,000 miles west of Lisbon, or about halfway between the United States and Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a favorite place of theorists for the possible location of fabled Atlantis. In 1964 De Melo immigrated to Canada, where he played and sang for various bands. He began hosting karaoke full time in British Columbia around 1994, which gave him further exposure to the professional stage of music performance. His first full-length record, “Sope de Feijao,” was originally produced in 2011, but has only just now been officially published and distributed.

“I am passionate about music,” writes De Melo, “and having fun is one of my priorities in life.”

The album “Sope de Feijao,” by George De Melo, is available online worldwide beginning March 1, 2013.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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