Veteran DJ Josh One releases new single and video ‘Further’ feat. Eighty

The DJ known around the world as Josh One has released his latest single, “Further,” feat. Eighty. Like all Josh One’s recent material, the track has been proudly published on the Boomnote Music independent record label without the influence of the corporate music industry. An accompanying instrumental version has also been released. A blend of beats, bass, and some of the most clarion vocals ever to grace an electronica record, “Further” by Josh One feat. Eighty deserves the praise and attention of music lovers everywhere.

Long Beach, CA’s Josh One cites as main influences Portishead, a Tribe Called Quest, the Roots, and

DJ Shadow. Imagining a cross between these comes very close to the Josh One sound, a sound that is far more than simply ‘good.’ A veteran of the turntables since 1990, DJ Josh One has shared the stage with Mos Def, the Wu-Tang Clan, a Tribe Called Quest, Sean Paul, the Roots, Kelis, J Dilla, the Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, Gangstarr, Anthony Hamilton, and many, many more. He has performed live in England, Germany, most American states and elsewhere.

Singer and songwriter Eighty is perhaps best known for her 2014 LP album, “Escape to Mount Cyanide,” but digital music shelves are well-stocked with her singles and music videos. Once signed to the Chime label as the lead vocalist and founder of Jupiter Rising, Eighty is now respected and loved as a solo artist for her precise, natural singing, thought-provoking lyrics and frequent creative collaborations.

“Further” is far from the only notable collab between Josh One and Eighty. 2013 saw Eighty as the featured vocalist on Josh One’s “First,” as well as Josh One as Eighty’s featured DJ on her well-received “Universal” single. Solidifying the duo as an artistic force, they worked side-by-side to create a highly stylized version of the seasonal carol, “We Three Kings.” “Further” represents the most recent example that Josh One’s beat-heavy, groove-based tone and Eighty’s confident, elegant vocals are undeniable compliments to one another.

Fans of Josh One have reason to celebrate this release of “Further” beyond the beauty of the track, itself. According to the Boomnote Music label, “Further” is the first glimpse of an impending Josh One full-length album, currently untitled, which is expected to drop relatively soon.

Audiophiles can expect Josh One and Eighty to deliver in every sonic way with “Further” (and should seek out their other singles by all means, too). “Further” has been published with an official music video, link provided below.

“Further” by Josh One feat. Eighty is available online worldwide. Get in early, electronica fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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