Freelancer releases new EP ‘Embryo’

The artists of contemporary folk rock known as Freelancer have released their new EP album, “Embryo.” The record contains seven original Freelancer tracks and an outstanding cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Don’t Forget Me” for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Evocative, sonorous, and often beautiful to hear, “Embryo” by Freelancer proves that an acoustic band can summon enough power to compete with the most titanic heavyweights of rock music.

Freelancer cite as main artistic influences John Frusciante, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Radiohead. Their own style blends the moods and tones of Frusciante with those of Radiohead, then perform this invocation using only acoustic instruments, vocal harmonies and some pedals. Particularly worth mentioning is their startling cover of “Don’t Forget Me” by the Chili Peppers, Track 6 on the EP.

“When I had no friends as a teenager I spent about three hours every night listening to John Frusciante’s music,” writes Freelancer’s Fabian Moor. “The emotional intensity I was given by it made me stay alive and awoke my desire to give that same intensity to other people.”

Freelancer themselves describe their new EP as containing “raw emotional intensity.”

“The lyrics and the way they are sung trigger pictures of life and death in the head of the listener,” they write. “Sometimes melancholic, sometimes desperate, but always intense.”

Freelancer’s current official bio likens the band to “a penguin flying elegantly to the zoo. In a Plane. Dazed by the trance of their self-created sound-waves.”

Their new record has brought plenty of attention. One source says of their lyrics and vocals, “They sing about mashed potatoes, fertilized handkerchiefs and flying penguins. Sometimes they sing desperately. Sometimes they sing freely. Sometimes they don’t sing at all and create sounds you wouldn’t expect from acoustic instruments.”

“Embryo” from Freelancer becomes available at over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide beginning 29 December 2017, or order it directly from the band now (link provided below). Get in early, contemporary folk-rock fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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