Dr. Eric Fassbender releases new album ‘Calming The Troubled Mind – Volume I’

Dr. Eric Fassbender has released his new album, “Calming The Troubled Mind – Volume I (Overcoming Anxiety with Empowering Mantras and the Soothing Sounds of Nature).” The album comprises eight tracks for a total listening time of over one hour, and has been released on the Sound Energy Records label. Soothing, healing, and deeply therapeutic, Dr. Fassbender’s “Calming the Troubled Mind – Volume I” directly represents the curative powers of nature, as well as the potential of sonic therapy in general.


Dr. Fassbender is associated with the naturalist production team known as Wild Eden Nature Sounds, with whom he has released an array of nature recordings which includes “Journey to Australia,” “Birds of the North Australian Tropical Rainforest,” “Birds of Australia’s National Parks,” “Journey to Tasmania,” and “Journey to the Top End.” His new series, “Calming the Troubled Mind,” is the latest in his growing collection of sounds which can augment meditation, act as sleep aids, or merely create an atmosphere of cool serenity. These records include “Dream Waves,” “Tibetan Singing Bowl,” “Celestial Wind Chimes,” and others.


“I first experienced the soothing power of pure and undisturbed nature sounds on a bush walk in 2002,” writes Dr. Fassbender. “Since then I have recorded sounds of nature to bring the peace and quiet that I experience in untouched wilderness areas to other people who do not have the opportunity to travel to peaceful places. I have further explored the power of sound as part of my PhD on the effect of music on learning, and through this research found more and more evidence for the benefits of listening to nature sounds on anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, stress and pain. I now direct my energy towards helping others to experience the soothing and calming powers of nature.”


The track titles on “Calming the Troubled Mind” serve as suggested mantras for meditation, the first half of the title being considered on the intake of breath, the second on exhaling. For example, “Smile to Body – Releasing Tension” may be recited mentally or out loud while the sounds of a bubbling brook massage the psyche of the listener.


“The mantras are of course entirely optional,” Dr. Fassbender writes, “and if you just want to listen to the pure and peaceful sounds of nature then you are of course free to do just that. Because, let me assure you, even by themselves, the sounds of nature are sure to calm your troubled mind.”


And what of the physiological effects of exposure to natural sounds?


The Doctor explains: “There are numerous studies that show the beneficial effects that listening to the sounds of nature has on anxiety. Examples include pregnant women who experience anxiety in various stages of their pregnancy, pre- and post-operative surgery patients, as well as people who are having wounds treated or those affected by cancer. But listening to nature sounds to reduce anxiety is not just restricted to these examples. Immersing ourselves in nature is generally effective in almost any situation where anxiety is experienced.”


“Calming the Troubled Mind – Volume I (Overcoming Anxiety with Empowering Mantras and the Soothing Sounds of Nature)” by Dr. Eric Fassbender is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



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