Dark Paradise Records releases mammoth new compilation ‘F1 – Philosopher’s Stone’

The Taiwanese music label known as Dark Paradise Records has released their new flagship compilation album, “F1 – Philosopher’s Stone.” The album is a gigantic collaboration which brings together the work of no fewer than 21 different artists to make one of the most remarkable electronica records ever produced in Asia or anywhere else in the world.

It has been proudly published on the Dark Paradise Records independent music label based in the capital city of Taipei. Kaleidoscopic, futuristic and innovative, in turns both soft and upbeat, shadowy and brightly colored, “F1 – Philosopher’s Stone” from Dark Paradise Records is likely to be remembered as the premier electronica release of 2015.

With “F1 – Philosopher’s Stone,” Dark Paradise Records aimed higher than perhaps any purveyor of electronica music has attempted to do in over a decade. Their new LP compilation contains nearly 90 minutes of music, each track as excellent as the last. Its production value couldn’t be higher, with performances uniformly shining and flawless, its studio engineering more expertly dialed-in than many of the most popular mainstream tracks available to listeners today. It serves as an arresting introduction to over 20 marvelous artists and a shocking wake-up call to music fans not yet aware of this powerhouse record company from the Far East.

“F1 – Philosopher’s Stone” from Dark Paradise includes music from the following artists (in order of appearance): Fish in the Sky, Conehead, Sonic Deadhorse, Dipper Chen, Lupa, KbN, Pro. Found, Lazybody, Iron House, Neoteny, Partimer, Yellow Morning, Jade Eyes, Inn, Jill Stark, ATW Girl, Orientone, Fragrance Liang, and Meng-Ting Hsieh, and also features appearances by Aristophanes and Zack Kao.

Asked to comment on their premier, new release, Dark Paradise Records writes, “This is Taiwan’s electronic/indie electronica music compliation CD by Dark Paradise Records. We hope to introduce different electronic musicians to the audience … [and also to give] people an insight into the depth and breadth of Taiwan’s electronic music.”

Their new “F1 – Philosopher’s Stone” compilation has an innumerable array of qualities. These include sparkling facets of controllerism, glitch-step, fusions of traditional Oriental and Western electronic styles, electronic rock, downtempo, ethereal vocals, psychedelia, synth-pop, fragmented time signatures, ambient composition, experimental hip hop, environmental recording and sampling, bass-driven sound design, tribal atmospherics, electro/acoustic composition, modern alternative techno, and much, much more.

That this album has something for every fan of electronica and digital music is obvious. That Dark Paradise have made so much goodness available in a single record is astounding. That true audiophiles owe it to themselves to hear this staggering achievement of a album is absolutely clear.

“F1 – Philosopher’s Stone” by Dark Paradise Records is available online worldwide beginning 21 July 2015. Get in early, music fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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