Ethernaut releases new EP ‘Strange Device’



The composer of electronic music known as Ethernaut has released his new EP record, “Strange Device.” The EP is comprised of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. A full, textured and extremely colorful album, “Strange Device” is a unique departure from mainstream electronic music in an era dominated by house and dubstep EDM, marking Ethernaut as one of the most creative artists in the digital music scene today.


Unlike the bulk of contemporary digital composers, who understandably cite popular artists such as Deadmau5 and David Guetta as musical inspirations, Ethernaut takes an entirely different tack. He writes that he gets his inspiration from, “The music of video games in all their many forms and platforms,” as well as from what he terms, “the old ‘Demo Scene,’ which coupled electronic music with computer graphics.”


While these may seem like unusual branches of music to focus on, they boast a contrasting quality that nearly every genre of music omits.


“I’ve always especially loved artists that blend two seemingly-unrelated genres,” writes Ethernaut.


The audio-visual art of demoscene pieces and video game soundtracks are not his only passions, however. He’s also influenced by “a wide variety of rock and metal bands.” His official bio states that “Ethernaut combines the growls and bleeps of the mid-90s electronic demoscene with the spirit, energy, and aggression of heavier genres like rock and metal to produce a unique adrenalizing sound.”


Perhaps surprisingly, the result that Ethernaut’s streak of individualism has had on “Strange Device” is clear, refreshing and natural without sounding forced or overwrought. It utilizes elements of early electronica but does not sound like any album published before. “Strange Device” sounds intuitively like a sonic representation of Ethernaut’s actual persona, both organic in tone and alive in motion.


Ethernaut writes of his artistic aims, “’Strange Device’ is meant to do two things simultaneously: stimulate the emotions of the listener in various ways, while transporting them into a bizarre and indistinct future world. I always loved and obsessed over the music that was included in video games, which to me achieved exactly those same goals. This is what I want ‘Strange Device’ to deliver to the listener.”


“Strange Device” by Ethernaut is available online worldwide beginning 2 February 2014.


-S. McCauley

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