Giano Veneziani releases new single ‘Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa’

The singer and songwriter known around the world as Giano Veneziani has released his newest official single, “Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa.” The acoustic version of this adult-contemporary pop song hit online shelves on the 16th of February, appropriately timed to appear in the wake of Valentine’s Day as a ballad about “That Feeling which Traps Us.” Exquisitely written, tastefully orchestrated and sung with the natural, heartfelt voice his fans have grown to love, “Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” by Giano Veneziani is easily one of the most beautiful songs to appear in 2015 so far.

Argentina’s Giano Veneziani cites as main musical inspirations great music writers such as Astor Piazzolla, Charly Garcia, Fito Paez, and Mark Knopfler. His own sound, like virtually every piece of music written by these legendary scribes, is rooted in the art of crafting a song which reads as strikingly on the page as it sounds when filling the ear. Though “Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” glows with masterful instrumentation, it retains a classic minimalism which showcases its purity of form and leaves room for Veneziani’s raw, earnest vocals to be properly appreciated.

That Veneziani’s vocals and general style sound absolutely genuine cannot be overstated. His style can be called ‘genuine’ in the same sense that stone can be called ‘hard’ and sugar can be called ‘sweet.’

Asked to describe the overall themes of his music, Veneziani comes right out and admits that this is, in fact, his artistic goal, just as one would expect.

“[My message is] honesty,” he writes. “I do my best to be honest as a songwriter, and to be me. My songs are just that. I discover me inside every story, or whatever it is that I am writing. It is all about how I feel in that moment.”

Giano Veneziani is a poet and songwriter born 6 October 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began playing Spanish guitar at 17 and began composing music and lyrics. His music spans a range of genres, his vocals most often blending tones from both rock and soul music. To date he has performed in 67 cities in 40 of the United States. He is currently recording his debut EP in Florida. It is expected to drop worldwide in 2015.

“Esa Sensación que Nos Atrapa” by Giano Veneziani is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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