Eric Slater releases new single ‘Following the Blind’

The Los Angeles-based musician known as Eric Slater has released his newest single, “Following the Blind.” The single is Slater’s most significant musical release since his popular song, “Dead Men” hit digital shelves around the world in February, sending ripples throughout the audiophile underground everywhere. Fans of Slater old and new are sure to be delighted with this latest offering, which boasts all the exceptional sonic qualities his following have come to expect from him.

Speaking candidly of the themes of his latest single, Slater writes, “’Following the Blind’ was directly inspired by a short story from a good friend of mine. He shared the idea with me and I wrote the song with the general theme in mind, but putting more of a personal twist on it.”

“Following the Blind” is a parable of timeless proportion and relevance that has many current events at heart. It speaks to everyone alive in today’s chaotic world.

“The song touches on the sheep and the shepherd thing. Everyone thinks they have the answer, yet no one really has much of a clue. Heroes can easily become villains and vice versa. I guess you can say it’s a satire on the absurdity and fickleness of popular opinion.”

Slater cites as main artistic influences a broad array of sounds, including Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Sublime, Wu Tang Clan, Jeff Buckley, and Miles Davis.

Slater’s acoustic solo debut album, “On the Edge of Something More,” was released in 2005. He has contributed his vast talents to various acts, including guitars, songs and vocals to bands such as Martha Davis and the Motels, Bomb Squad, Moflo, Off Limits, Aurora Beckons, Astral Aliens, and Tres Aliens.

“Following the Blind” by Eric Slater is available online worldwide.

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Eric Slater releases new single “Dead Men”

Musician Eric Slater has released his newest single, “Dead Men.” The track is an introspective, triumphant, yet darkly bleak rock waltz that plays on mortality for its theme. It is the first published single for Slater as a solo artist since his 2007 LP release, “Redemption & Disorder,” the light and airy nature of which shares few characteristics with the lurking and sinister, “Dead Men,” except that both are quality works of music from the same artist. In many respects, though, “Dead Men” is the superior result.

Slater’s guitaring, though he is capable of playing in a wide variety of styles, is slowly strummed for this track in a black and blue tone that contains goth and punk-rock tendencies, reminiscent of Nick Cave’s work, or of TSOL’s mellower side (“Weathered Statues,” for instance). The song is crooned out by Slater in an intimate, cracking voice that sounds like a shadowy and more masculine Neil Young with a tinge of David Bowie, like the Verve’s Richard Ashcroft, although more mid-west American in the delivery.

It is to the track’s benefit that Slater’s vocals are way out front in the single’s mix, too, because his performance is a studied, yet natural perfection, showcased plainly here where he can be enjoyed without too much ornamentation to get in the way. The real show-stopper, though, is almost certainly Slater’s songwriting. His lyrics are poetic, precise, and use a mixture of repetition and creative phrasing that keeps the narrative of “Dead Men” interesting from turn to turn; however, it is important to note that the vocals and instrumentation, together with a groove that tit-tat’s along like the wheels of a carriage on cobblestones, are more than enough to keep a music fan’s interest alone.

“Dead Men” represents the culmination of Slater’s last six years spent meticulously honing his talents as a solo performer, and if the music world has much more of this to look forward to from him, then the sooner his next full-length is ready for distribution, the better off it will be for music listeners everywhere.

Eric Slater’s “Dead Men” is available everywhere beginning 16 February 2013.

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Musician Eric Slater releases new collaboration ‘Ride the Night’ with Brian Graye, produced by Cory Yothers

The guitarist and songwriter t known as Eric Slater has released his latest collaboration pop/EDM single, “Ride the Night” with Brian Graye. The track is a collaboration between Eric Slater, DJ Brian Graye, and producer Cory “Cnote” Yothers (Snoop Dogg, Nikki Flores, Christoper Breaux/Frank Ocean). It has been proudly published on the Harvest Product independent record label. Energetic, upbeat, and exploding with the spirit of good times, “Ride the Night” by Eric Slater & Brian Graye is one of the easiest dance tracks of 2017 to recommend so far.

Asked to cite the main artistic influences for “Ride the Night,” Eric Slater writes, “Our personal influences range widely because we all come from different musical backgrounds. Brian and I are from the same hometown and thought it would be cool to do a song together. I played a guitar riff and sang a vocal line, and Cory took the production from there. We didn’t have an exact idea what it was going to be, we just wanted to do something that fused our styles and tastes together.”

The track has a surprising analog feel, regardless of its falling squarely within the bounds of electronica and dance music. While boasting a catchy, creative rhythm and unique, yet intuitive melody lines, it showcases prominent vocals as one of its chief charms and is therefore a revisiting of traditional electronica more than it is a hardcore house music track.

“The song is all about losing yourself in a moment,” Slater says, “and sharing that with someone else. Letting go, taking chances, being free, being young, being yourself.”

Eric Slater’s previous releases include “Following the Blind” (2016), “Dead Men” (2013), “Redemption & Disorder” (2007), and “On the Edge of Something More” (2005).

“Never be afraid to try something new, different, or unexpected,” writes Eric Slater. “The surprises teach us what we’re truly capable of.”

“Ride the Night” by Eric Slater & Brian Graye is available online worldwide beginning 31 March 2017. Get in early, music fans.

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The hip hop artist known as Bonez has released his latest official single “Shoot for the Sky,” feat. Eric Slater.

The hip hop artist known as Bonez has released his latest official single “Shoot for the Sky,” feat. Eric Slater. The track has been proudly published on the Harvest Puff Productionz independent music label. Based on big bass lines, rattling rhythms and uplifting lines and rhymes, “Shoot for the Sky” is a hip hop and pop collaboration with something for every modern music fan.

Bonez and Eric Slater cite as main artistic influences for “Shoot for the Sky,” Logic, Hopsin, Chris Webby, Eminem, and Tech N9ne. Their “Shoot for the Sky” single will appeal to listeners of these titans right away, but the song has elements belonging to itself, alone. It’s a new sound for a new era.

Produced by Cory “Cnote” Yothers (Snoop Dogg, Nikki Flores, Christoper Breaux/Frank Ocean), “Shoot for the Sky” is specifically produced to fuse elements of Bonez’s and Slater’s signature music styles.

Harvest Puff Records writes of this, “The resulting song is the feel-good anthemic banger ‘Shoot for the Sky,’ alternatively titled ‘Feel Me.’ The sessions were so fun and successful that we signed Bonez to an EP production deal, together forming the recording and production company, Harvest Puff Productionz.”

South Lake Tahoe’s Bonez is a 19-year-old indie hip-hop artist. He is the writer and performer of three mixtapes, including his most recent “Chest Painz: the Mixtape.” He is also the creator/star of his popular free-verse series on FaceBook and YouTube, #WeeklyFIRE, on which he raps freeverse to beats submitted by his fans online. Bonez was a 2015 Finalist at TeamBackPack Mission Underground Los Angeles and has shared the stage with such artists as Demrick & DJ Hoppa, MAYDAY, Andre Nickatina and Cryptic Wisdom.

Bonez’s featured artist, Eric Slater, is a Los Angeles based musician, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He has toured globally as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for bands and record labels, including chart-topping indie label Wizard Records. He is the winner of Best Live Performance at the Los Angeles Music Awards, a two-time winner of the KROQ Battle for Los Angeles Band Competition, and a Rock City News Awards Nominee for Best Guitarist.

Slater’s two self-produced solo albums are on his own record label and have received much critical and fan acclaim. Slater has collaborated with such music professionals as Michael Vail Blum (Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson) Cory Yothers (Snoop Dogg, Christopher Breaux) Pawel Sek (Taylor Swift, Dido, Jay Z) Len Fagan (Alien Ant Farm) Robie Porter (Air Supply, Rick Springfield) and Greg H. Sims (Anouk, the Motels).

Producer “Cnote” Yothers appeared as a child actor in movies such as Dreamscape, and Who Will Love My Children, and is brother to Tina Yothers (Family Ties) with whom he played in the popular band, Jaded. He is a much sought-after music producer with credits in most genres, specializing in hip hop and RnB. He has produced for artists including Snoop Dogg, Nikki Flores, and Christopher Breaux. Cnote is the founder of recording studio, label, artist development, and production company Harvest Product.

“Shoot for the Sky” by Bonez feat. Eric Slater is available online worldwide beginning 17 June 2016.

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