Elu releases debut single ‘Nine Holes and a Beer’



The musician known as Elu has released his official debut music single, “Nine Holes and a Beer.” The track is a contemporary blues song with overtones of cool jazz, built on crisp and breezy guitar chords and classy, stylish vocals. The track has been proudly published and distributed as an independent title and features the vast talents of Erlend Krauser. A song which conveys not only feelings of warmth and contentment but also a deep appreciation of life’s most tranquil moments, “Nine Holes and a Beer” showcases Elu as a remarkable songwriter and nigh-flawless performer.


Elu cites as main artistic influences Ween, Faith No More, and Frank Zappa, proving him to be a listener with a taste for wildly creative music with sharp edges. However, Elu’s own debut single, “Nine Holes and a Beer” has far more in common with legendary artists such as Chet Baker and John Pizzarelli. The vocals are smooth as silk, the guitar chords like the trickling of spring water over a stone riverbed. The effect is both calming and enchanting, intriguing and subtly complex. Fans of jazz and blues alike will agree on Elu’s first official release.


The themes of “Nine Holes and a Beer” are bucolic, sunny and simple.


“I like to play golf,” Elu writes. “And everyone who playes golf knows that it usually is a real struggle. But then there are those rare moments, when suddenly everything is perfect. This song is about such a moment.”


“Nine Holes and a Beer” may represent Elu’s official debut, but the expert musician has been playing since the age of seven.


“I had piano lessons for 14 years,” he relates. “My major musical influences were the Beatles, Beatles, Beatles. Nothing else. And actually I never practiced – I only played – all day long. Blues, boogie stuff. Which drove my teacher crazy.”


To play music without practicing scales and other such exercises is rare in musicians who achieve Elu’s level of expertise. He attributes this success to an unlikely source, considering his present sound. He explains:


“I started playing guitar at the age of 16, when I discovered that there was another cool band out there: AC/DC. I played in several rock and punk rock bands and ended up playing the Hammond organ in a Deep Purple cover band for years. Kept playing the guitar now and then, but lost the focus a bit.”


That the Erlend Krauser appears prominently on “Nine Holes and a Beer” is no accident.


“That changed when I met Erlend Krauser, a GENIUS guitar player and musician. I thought: you’re never too old to release your first single.”


“Nine Holes and a Beer” by Elu and featuring Erlend Krauser is available online worldwide. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



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