Folk musician Dylan Champagne releases new single and video ‘Pterodactyl Wings’

The folk and rock artist from Moscow, ID known as Dylan Champagne has released his latest official single, “Pterodactyl Wings.” The single is the most prominent release from Champagne since the “Bones in Your Pocket” video from his rock band, the Lost Explorers, appeared exactly on this date one year ago. Like “Bones…” and other material from Dylan Champagne, “Pterodactyl Wings” has been published independent of the corporate music industry. An official video for “Pterodactyl Wings” has also been released and is free to view (

A genuine return to the American folk tradition while remaining true to his underlying rock roots, “Pterodactyl Wings” is the latest example of Dylan Champagne’s arresting imagination, inimitable vocal tones and undeniable knack for crafting songs as individual works of art.

Music by Dylan Champagne (and his ever-morphing crew of ingenious collaborators) is music for the true audiophile. From his 2011 “Love Songs of the Apocalypse, Vol. 1” LP to his 2013 “The Bones” EP with the Lost Explorers to this fresh “Pterodactyl Wings” video and folk single, his sound transports, narrates, evokes, is gorgeous, is human, and is alive. Even when at his most aggressive – half of “The Bones” borders on outright punk rock – the overarching feel and mode of Champagne’s art is palpably compassionate and surprisingly touching.

This humanistic trait is perhaps nowhere felt as strongly in Champagne’s repertoire as in “Pterodactyl Wings,” and especially in the video. This makes the folk single an important marker in the career of Dylan Champagne, one which fans and newcomers alike would be astute to note and appreciate.

Dylan Champagne’s musical vision takes him to far-flung and exotic places in the art world.

“For the last several months I’ve been diligently composing the score for a screening of the 1925 silent film, ‘Phantom of the Opera,’” writes Champagne on his official website. “The score will be played by a live, eight-piece chamber orchestra. The screening will take place at the Kenworthy Theater in downtown Moscow, ID on April 28, 2016. It’s been such an amazing experience writing the music for this thing. All in all it’s about 90 minutes of music.”

Denizens of the American Northwest with a penchant for one-of-a-kind music experiences would be unfortunate to miss this exceptionally rare opportunity.

But everyone in the world gets to enjoy “Pterodactyl Wings” from Dylan Champagne now, and everyone who loves great music should do so.

Dylan Champagne’s “Pterodactyl Wings” is available directly from the artist’s website and from iTunes and 700 online music stores worldwide. Get in early, folk fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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