French musician Dirt releases new single ‘Crash Test’



The French composer and producer of electronic dance music known only as Dirt (often stylized DIRT) has released his debut single, “Crash Test,” from the three-song EP record album of the same name. Both the single and the upcoming EP disc have been released on the Black Jackal Records music label. “Crash Test” by Dirt is a high-octane, energetic and jubilant dance track fashioned in the modern style called dubstep. Fans of such acts as Skrillex and Deadmau5 are certain to be pleased with this first offering from this exciting new EDM artist from Europe.


Dirt cites as main artistic influences such acts as Datsik, Knife Party, Zomboy, and Skrillex, among others. Intuitively, his sound is not far from the general feel and tone for these fine musicians and has many of the attributes and qualities that characterize the dubstep tone. His beats are hard and upbeat, his bass is loud and low, and his melody lines are populated with digital sounds and samples not unlike those commonly found in vintage video games by Atari and Nintendo; the resultant atmosphere is one of colorful imagination, rambunctiousness, and absolute fun.


Dirt credits some of his signature style to the program with which he composes his dubstep, Steinberg Cubase. Cubase was most popular in the early 2000s, but was quickly superceded by FL Studio and Ableton Live when the dubstep subculture gained traction with music listeners.


Dirt started his musical career at a very early age.


“I’ve been making music since childhood,” he writes. “I was in a metal band ;)”


Having switched to writing EDM, Dirt has a very simple goal with his music.


“I want to share the great energy of the dubstep sound with people,” he says. “That’s it!”


“Crash Test” by Dirt is available online worldwide beginning 2 November 2013. Get in early, dubstep fans.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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