DJ Digital Girl Releases New LP Album “TranceTorium”

Chicago techno/trance artist DJ Digital Girl has released her much-awaited long-playing album, “TranceTorium”

Chicago’s DJ Digital Girl has released the follow-up to her popular debut album, “TranceDuction,” and it appears that her star will just keep on rising.


Already lauded by Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” chart, for being one of the ‘fastest accelerating artists on the internet,’ “TranceTorium” cements DJ Digital Girl’s reputation as an amazing artist and superb musician, that crafts incredible melodic trance music that’s a bombastic as it is hypnotic.


Her favorite producer, Paul Oakenfold, calls the album “wicked” and enthusiastically urges his fans to check “TranceTorium” out. It’s not hard to understand why.


DJ Digital Girl creates infinitely catchy, boisterous dance tracks that are so popular she has almost 35,000 followers on Twitter, and enjoys heavy rotation on many internet radio stations.


“Crazy Tune,” the first track on the album, is jaunty and fun, the pulsing beat practically begs you to get up and dance. “Dance Craze” features a synth lead that just meanders along with the frenetic rhythm like a hummingbird but never quite lets you go. “Terminus” is a high-energy rumble on the dance floor, a whirlwind that grabs everything in its path. “Zero Gravity” burbles with neon swagger and an overdose of cool. “Particular Illusion” sounds like it was sent back from the future to kill all boredom.


DJ Digital Girl is self-taught, learning how to compose dance music using various digital work stations in her spare time. “TraceTorium” is proof of just how much she’s learned. Every track is meticulously crafted.


A world traveller that incorporates an international flair into her production, DJ Digital Girl cites a lot of artists as influences – Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, BT, Moby, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Benny Benassi, Robert Miles, Orbital, Brooklyn Bounce, Above and Beyond, Madonna, David Guetta, Chemical Brothers, Delerium, and many others – and it all comes out in the music.



-L. Cutler

Staff Press Release Writer



The LP “TranceTorium” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download


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