Gospel singer Rahn Anthoni releases new EP ‘I’ll Trust You’

The singer and songwriter of gospel and contemporary Christian music known as Rahn Anthoni has released his latest EP album, “I’ll Trust You.” The record contains three original songs for an approximate total listening time of fifteen minutes. It has been proudly published on the Rahn Anthoni Music independent record label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Devotional, inspirational, and filled with the spirit of the Christian God, “I’ll Trust You” is evidence that Rahn Anthoni is a gospel voice to watch in 2017.

The Atlanta, Georgia area’s Rahn Anthoni cites as main artistic influences Howard Hewitt, Michael Jackon, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and Fantasia. His own sound is a mix of hip hop and R ‘n’ B with roots reaching into the gospel tradition. The title single of “I’ll Trust You” was written by Fred “Uncle Freddie” Jerkins, brother of Darkchild Records’ Rodney Jerkins, while Anthoni penned the rest of the record himself.

“Music makes me feel free from all my problems that I have each day,” says Rahn Anthoni. “It gives me a getaway and expresses love to all my listeners – including myself.”

Rahn Anthoni has had a long and varied music career which began with his family gospel group, the Family Voices. Since that time he has released a popular single, “Hold On,” with Tate Music Group, and become the host of his own talk show, “The Rahn Anthoni Show” after appearing on “Starpower” for the BET Network. The program reaches over a million viewers on EOTM TV.

Singer Anthoni made national headlines in 2012 when his son, Aaron Hatcher was allegedly killed through the abuse of his teachers at school. The calamity triggered a heart attack in Anthoni, himself, who survived after emergency open-heart surgery. Since that time, Rahn Anthoni has been an outspoken advocate for students with special needs. The Aaron Hatcher Award is given out annually at the Special Needs Rock Awards founded by Rahn Anthoni after the death of his special needs son, Aaron Hatcher, in Atlanta, GA.
“This message is to Trust God No Matter What!” writes Rahn Anthoni of his new EP record. “I will still Trust You even in the midst of this horrific tragedy. This message is to advise people to hold on because these trials come to make you stronger in the middle of the storm.”

Like the rest of his repertoire, “I’ll Trust You” is spiritual music through and through, with a foundation in Christian principles and values.

“We must not give in,” Anthoni writes, “because the Power of God has you even until the end of this earth. ‘I Found You’ is a song that will bring all to the love of Christ, because when I found God, my life became complete in spite of the things of the earth. I allow the fire to change my life.”

“I’ll Trust You” by Rahn Anthoni is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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