New York Electronica Artist Trinity Sin Releases New Single, “Over It”

Trinity Sin has released his first new single since 2010, the electronica dance track, “Over It”

Trinity Sin

New York’s up-and-coming dance/electronica artist, Trinity Sin, has released “Over It,” his first major public release since 2010’s “Lollipop Eyedrops 2.0.” The song is upbeat with smooth, crystalline melodies and quick, although unhurried, electronic percussion. It showcases the modern harmonic use of autotuned vocal tones in the style popularized by artists such as Lady Gaga and Cher, and solidifies Trinity Sin’s claim to the New York underground dance subculture.


Trinity Sin is the first professional music project by New York native Ray Decker, who grew up in the small town of Wellsburg as the youngest of three siblings. His lyrical style was honed through the writing of poetry, but he soon turned to penning songs, which he did not begin to sing until much later. In the earliest stages of his artistic development, Decker did not take his budding craft seriously, but after completing several whole songs decided it was time to sing them, which MySpace-borne performances became the basis of Trinity Sin.

His first track, “Lollipop Eyedrops,” was released on iTunes in 2009, but Decker says this release fell short of his expectations: “[I] was not proud of the song itself,” he says. Still, it was his first song released on iTunes, so he revisited it in 2010, re-mixed and re-mastered the score, and added a new, more-polished vocal track to it before releasing it again as version 2.0, “Simply because [I] wanted to make it better,” he says. “I succeeded.”

Of songwriting Trinity says, “The point of my music isn’t about the money I can, can’t, or won’t make. It’s about the connection I can have with people, and I would rather that than any amount of fame or money.” Still, money is as much an obstacle for Decker as it is for any new artist. “I would do music for the rest of my life if the equipment was cheaper,” he says.

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