Lydia Kinsey releases debut extended-play album, ‘The EP’

The singer and songwriter known as Lydia Kinsey has released her debut record, an extended-play soul release simply titled, “The EP.” It is comprised of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been published on the GB&R record label. A jazzy, feminine and sonorous album with sterling production and remarkable performances, “The EP” by Lydia Kinsey proves that the UK’s oft-overlooked soul scene still produces some of the world’s most powerful and evocative singers.


England’s Lydia Kinsey cites as main artistic influences Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Eva Cassidy, Melody Gardot, Rachelle Ferrell, and Lianne La Havas. Intuitively, her own sound is classy, elegant, and a tad sly. Her selections on “The EP” are suitable for a wide range of listening circumstances, and would fit nicely with a playlist featuring performers such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.


Asked to relate the overall message of her record, Kinsey writes that “We are in control of our own behaviour and destiny and we can create change. We should love and be a positive influence on those around us.”


Lydia Kinsey has been singing all her life, and began performing onstage with her church youth band. She began collaborating with Dagroovestation while studying her A-Levels. Her university work at Exeter halted this project briefly, but she returned to sing with Dagroovestation at her earliest opportunity. Straightaway their live shows began to stack, beginning with a performance at Scream Lounge for a BBC-3 documentary, “Baby Bomb,” a show at White Lion, then a live gig on Croyden radio.


Supported by Marley J Wills and producer Manifest, Kinsey hits the studio twice weekly to work on her solo material. Her official bio speaks as highly of her lyrical themes as it does of her vocal tone and timbre.


“The soul is about to be put back into the UK soul-music scene,” it reads, “a scene that until now has unfortunately been populated by a mass of beats and gimmicks used to hide the message-less and disposable. Lydia and Dagroovestation agree that for this to change we must first provide a message, a reason for our audience to care about what is being said. [Lydia’s] is an honest point of view that doesn’t just point out what’s wrong, but instead offers possible solutions and remedies for the ills that plague our society.”


“The EP” by Lydia Kinsey is available online worldwide.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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Marley J. Wills releases new single ‘Our Groove’



The voice of groove, soul and R ‘n’ B known as Marley J. Wills has released his latest single, “Our Groove.” The song has been released in collaboration with producer Manifest and DaGrooveStation (link provided below). A proper introduction of Wills, Manifest and DaGrooveStation to the world at large, “Our Groove” stands as an example of the spirit of soul and R ‘n’ B these artists are infusing their music with, and as proof that they are no rookies to the scene.


Marley J. Wills cites as main artistic influences a vast list of legends, such as Sugar Minot, Michael Jackson, Garnet Silk, Earth Wind and Fire, and Bones Thugs and Harmony. The rhythm and pop sensibilities of these geniuses emanate from “Our Groove” like heat, but there are also reggae vibes present, like those of Burning Spear, and a touch of funk in its delivery, like the natural power of James Brown.


Much of the titanic strength of “Our Groove,” comes from an obvious passion for meaningful poetry combined with music of the purest quality. One key line from Wills’ single runs, “It’s about putting the music back, back into the songs,” a direct declamation of modern trends in popular music today. While it may be said that each new era in music is decried by the former ones, current fads such as autotuned vocals, unrestrained studio effects and a dearth of lyrical meaning has been inexhaustibly questioned by critics, artists, and listeners of all ages, unilaterally for the first time.


Wills writes of his collaboration with Manifest, DaGrooveStation: “Lyrically, DaGroove is a music of positivity and hope, and a call-to-arms for us as one race to stand up and voice our fears, looking for solutions from within our communities and not from the powers that be. Although we are different faces from all walks and places, our problems are all the same, and history won’t solve them.”


Listening to tracks offered at DaGrooveStation, such as “Our Groove,” for just minutes alone is enough to understand the intensity with which these artists have carefully penned their words.


“Music has always been used to highlight the issues in our societies, and our music is written with all the above in mind,” continues Wills. “Most of all, from the truth – whether you like it or not.”


“Our Groove” by Marley J. Wills is available online worldwide beginning 1 February 2014. Get in early.


-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer





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