Popular country/gospel musician Corey Farlow releases tribute to veterans ‘The Gift of Freedom’

The popular singer and songwriter of gospel and country music known as Corey Farlow has released his latest country single, “The Gift of Freedom.” The track has been published as an independent release and pays tribute and homage to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. A generous portion of the song’s proceeds are being donated to charities benefiting US veterans. A sonorous, gorgeously written and flawlessly performed track in the tradition of American country music, “The Gift of Freedom” is a worthy salute to the men and women who have served to uphold the values and ideals of the USA for more than 200 years.

Earnestly sung and elegantly plucked out on acoustic guitar by Corey Farlow, “The Gift of Freedom” was written by Fred W. Byrd, Jr. for the express purpose of paying respect to those who have served to protect the people of the United States and her principles.

“I want the listeners to understand that the sacrifice of our men and women is given freely for the love of our country,” Byrd writes of their new song. “No matter the cost, the freedom they supply should never be forgotten.”

While Farlow’s polished, natural singing voice rings clarion and pure throughout the track, charging its lines with emotion and profound regard, it is the meaning in Byrd’s lyrics which makes up the lion’s share of the song. Byrd, himself, speaks candidly about his intentions for “The Gift of Freedom.”

“I am a simple man,” he writes, “who believes in God, Country and Family. I know this might sound lame, but what else does a man need? As the writer of ‘The Gift Of Freedom,’ I served in the US Navy, and though my own injuries were [incurred] during peacetime, my dad served in World War II and in Korea. My nephew served in Iraq. I’ve seen what war can do and this was the one way I thought I could give back.”

He goes on to relate in detail how proceeds from “The Gift of Freedom” will benefit veterans.

“Half of everything I make will go to an organization to help the veterans,” he states. “I have also talked with the publisher to donate 15% of his take to the same organizations and he has agreed. This means that a total of 40% will go to help. I know that this might not sound like much, but with every dollar spent, everybody is helping the loved ones who have done so much for us.”

Clearly, Byrd’s feelings about the men and women of the US Armed Forces goes to the bone.

“There are billions of people living in this great country and sometimes people forget that from the first shot at Bunker Hill, men and woman have fought and died so you can enjoy the freedom you have today. Help me help the veterans, simply by buying a copy of my song, ‘The Gift of Freedom.’”

Corey Farlow is a well-known gospel singer from Kentucky who has made the crossover into the country-music genre. His debut “Country Never Stops” LP has been winning him fans from coast to coast since it appeared on iTunes’ digital shelf in May 2015, and his official video for the album’s title track has garnered approximately 65,000 views in less than 40 days.
“The Gift of Freedom” by Corey Farlow and Fred W. Byrd, Jr. becomes available 24 June 2015. Get in early, country-music fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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Christian rocker Corey Farlow releases new LP ‘Peaceful Shoes’

The singer and songwriter of contemporary Christian rock music known as Corey Farlow has released his long-awaited LP album, titled, “Peaceful Shoes.” The album is a collection of soft rock songs penned by Farlow, himself, all of which are inspired by the words of the Christian Bible and the message of Jesus Christ, which Farlow understands implicitly and clearly communicates to his listeners. The music is passionate without being melodramatic, sensitive without being overly sentimental, and compassionate in ways that only spiritually minded artists seem capable of feeling.

Corey Farlow is from Tennessee. His sound on “Peaceful Shoes” is not unlike the “plugged-in” music that has often been performed in modern churches since the mid- nineties, but with a Nashville tone that never quite breaks into country western. This beautiful, masculine timbre keeps Farlow from sounding similar to other artists in the Christian genre. His songs are epic anthems, each with a crescendo that invites the music fan to lift hands and face, to sing along, and to join in the exaltation.

He names as main artistic influences such Christian acts as Third Day, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Bldg 429, and Newsong, as well as Big Daddy Weave, Chris Tomlin, and Daughtry. Various nods to these acts are found in Farlow’s own music, particularly that of Casting Crowns. CC fans would do well to explore “Peaceful Shoes.”

Perhaps most importantly, however, Farlow’s record seems totally, certainly genuine. More to the point, he is audibly worshipful, even through his recording. Were there ever a doubt that such a thing as a man’s faith could be committed to tape, Farlow’s record stands as evidence of it. It is a pure thing, and a wonderful thing to be able to have in the car, the iPod or whatnot: one’s own portable worship service that is powerful, poetically written, and performed with all the musical aplomb one could ask for.

Much more could be written about the high quality of Farlow’s music, but its most admirable attribute from an outside perspective is its inviolable humility. “Peaceful Shoes” is a gorgeous work of rock music that glorifies, but this resplendence is directed at the seat of heaven, not the works of man.

Corey Farlow’s exquisite praise LP “Peaceful Shoes” is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley

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