Sin Leche releases new dance single ‘Cielo Azul’

The artist of Latin pop known as Sin Leche has released his latest dance single, “Cielo Azul.” The new single is currently the most widely available material from Sin Leche, and also has the distinction of being the first Sin Leche single to be sung en español, making it their most significant debut on several levels. It has been proudly released on the American Values Latin independent record label without the direction or financial support of the corporate music industry.

Bringing plenty of ritmo Latino, rock ‘n’ roll and pop flavors, as well as healthy doses of social commentary, “Cielo Azul” is a prominent dance release for music fans everywhere at the end of 2015.

Sin Leche is a music project from the music producer known internationally as Septimus (usually stylized SEPTIMUS). His new “Cielo Azul,” or “Blue Sky” in English, blends many styles of music for a sound and tone that is indicative of the international roots from which Septimus and his music come.

Sin Leche originated in the Central American nation of Panama, then made a move to faraway New York before settling 1,800 miles away in Texas. With so much geography having passed under his shoes, it should come as no surprise that “Cielo Azul” doesn’t sound like it came from one place or another. On the contrary, it sounds exceptionally Pan-American.

“This is a project of Latin pop music mostly with a rock flavor, but not limited to any one style of music,” Septimus writes.

With a steady back beat, lots of guitar and prominent vocals, “Cielo Azul” is a track well suited for play by nightclub DJs, private parties, headphones, and casual listening on car stereos. But it isn’t all just about the music for Septimus.

American Values Latin writes of this, “Sin Leche was started by SEPTIMUS to release sociopolitical music in Spanish to help empower Latinos. It’s a song about empowerment no matter who you are or what you do don’t allow others to define or limit [for] you.”
“Cielo Azul” by Sin Leche is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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