Rapper M Dot Pitts releases titanic LP ‘Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams’

The rapper and songwriter known as M Dot Pitts has released his cornerstone full-length album, “Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams.” The flagship record includes no fewer than 18 original tracks for an approximate total listening time approaching two hours, making it the most comprehensive collection of M Dot Pitts music to date. It has been proudly published on the Warset Entertainment independent music label. Thumping and rolling with plenty of bass and boom-bap and showcasing the top-notch writing and rapping skills of M Dot Pitts, “Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams” is an LP rap fans everywhere should hear.

M Dot Pitts cites as main artistic influences Tupac Shakur (especially his Makaveli-era work), Scarface, Devin the Dude, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Eminem, 50 Cent, Tech N9ne, Yukmouth, and Snoop Dogg. Observant rap fans will note that these MCs come from every part of the US, and that’s a big part of the overall style of “Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams.”

Born in Los Angeles, having spent years in Florida and living now in the Maryland, Wash. DC area, M Dot Pitts makes rap music with something for everybody. His music has been described as “the perfect blend of West Coast style, East Coast lyricism, Midwest flow and Dirty South melodies.” Appropriately, the songs on his new LP have qualities from every major hip-hop scene in the nation.

In addition to the considerable talents of M Dot Pitts, himself, “Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams” also features Ms. Toi, Boo Kapone, Eastwood, Young Lano, Hot 16, D. Hella Fresh, and live guitar by Los Angeles musician Levi Mitchell.

Yet the main event at “Broken Hearts…” is the driving force behind Pitts’ music, that of unmitigated, unhesitating and often brutal honesty.

“I wanted to create a body of work that was a true, accurate depiction of my real day-to-day life,” writes M Dot Pitts. “Everything I rap about about is things that I do, go through, live and see. I’ve got songs about hustling, hitting the club, relationships, sex, love, going through hard times, etc. If it’s a part of my life, it’s incorporated into my music, whether good or bad. And I think I have a pretty interesting life, LOL.”

Regardless of whether the hip-hop fan is into dance tracks or urban poetry, this dedication to earnestness is refreshing in a scene full of braggadocio and endless posturing.

“I feel like waaaay too many rappers rap about things that they know they’re not really about,” Pitts writes. “Too much of it is fake. When it comes to me and my music, everything is real and it’s a true portrait of my real life. For that fact alone I feel it’s what makes my music/lyrics different from what a lot of my peers put out. I’ll show you my pain, my love, my rage, my happiness, my failures, my successes and everything in between. Simply because – I’m real.”

M Dot Pitts is an actor, rapper, lyricist, published writer, and accomplished performer. He has appeared both on the stage and on national television as an actor, and in prominent newspapers as an author. His “Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams” is preceded by two mixtapes, “WARSET” and “Moments of Glory,” published in 2012 and ’13 respectively. They remain available today on DatPiff.com.

“Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams” by M Dot Pitts is available online worldwide beginning 31 October 2015 (Halloween).

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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