South Florida Modern Reggae Artist Apoc Releases First LP, “Silver and Gold”

Modern reggae artist from South Florida, Apoc, has released his flagship LP “Silver and Gold” on Black Circle Records

Modern reggae artist from South Florida, Apoc, has released his flagship LP “Silver and Gold” on Black Circle Records. Apoc’s music is heavy-hitting, genuine reggae for the year 2012 and beyond. In this time of self-doubt regarding politics, peaceful global interaction, and the reggae genre itself, Apoc’s first release is a godsend. With meaningful, well-written lyrics, a solid rocksteady back beat and heartfelt vocals that come straight from the soul, Apoc’s “Silver and Gold” just might be the stabilizing force that the music world (and the world itself) needs in these troubled years.

Having never released an official long-playing record before, Apoc’s appearance on the scene is nothing short of exclamatory. His rhymes are razor-sharp, his beats more solid than a concrete wall. His themes span the distance between foreign affairs and affairs at home, poverty, greed, war, brotherhood, political personalities, nuclear proliferation, music trends, and much, much more. He does not censor himself, and stands as one of reggae’s most powerful advocates of free speech at this time.

When will the poor people, them, get relief? Long time our people and city under seige,” he reminds the leaders of planet Earth. Perhaps Apoc’s most powerful attribute will prove to be his peace-mongering, honest care for the people of the world, which shows heavily in his lyrics and emphases. His groove, however, is what his fans will clamor for when all is said and done, his melodies and beats being just as harmonious as those of Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer or Burning Spear, all of whom – it should be noted – also cared deeply for the state of humanity.

Apoc has performed in ninety-five percent of the states in the Union, and shows no sign of letting up.

-Sean McCauley

MondoTunes Staff Writer


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